Welcome Raisonians - Come, Meet Your Friend Kimba

Welcome to a promising world of literacy, knowledge, and development – Welcome to RGI! We do understand that the first step is always hard because it brings along a whole new world of unknown elements, people, and environment. Within this novel, unfamiliar, and exotic premises, you are bound to get lost, you are bound to feel lonely. But, you have to take that first step!

Thinking about innovative, creative, and exemplary ways of making your first step into RGI most memorable, here we present ‘Kimba – Our Mascot, Your Friend’.

Introducing Our Mascot

With the introduction of Kimba, RGI becomes a pioneer educational institution in India to launch the concept of a Mascot.

Etymologically, a mascot is a term originated from the French word, 'Mascotte' that means ‘Lucky Charm’. The first record of the term was mentioned in the comic operetta ‘La Mascotte’ performed by a French composer Edmond Audran in December 1880.

The succeeding year, the term made its space in the English Language and from there it has travelled a long and meaningful way across diversified parameters of life.

Talking about the concept, we too at RGI started to feel that mascots can help us represent our educational institution with more love and awareness while helping build deeper relationships.


Why Kimba

Understanding the concept, the significance mascot branding comes to limelight. And we went deeper into the emotional, physiological, and spiritual core of the age-old and time-tested group of institutions, RGI.

Here, the challenge was to have a mascot that can be relatable to the age, functioning, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and milestones of RGI.

When we talk about a lion, we know the lion takes a different direction and is courageous enough to defend for his life and territory. RGI has also followed the same approach and strategy while navigating the course of its journey with all the soft and hard waves. The group was never hesitant to innovate, to have a risk tolerance, and to tread towards a completely different direction.

We are also aware that a lion is a social animal and loves to take everyone together. RGI also stands as an epitome of togetherness across demographics, similar to a vast sea with many rivers and streams feeding it with energy, dynamism, values, and wisdom. In return, being fed with pride, honor, and reputation it has gained over the years.

When we talk about age, strength, leadership, and courage RGI has portrayed through its rich legacy, what can be a better option than a ‘Lion Mascot’ showcasing the attributes of maturity, courage, determination, strength, and leadership. It’s like following the preaching of Osho, “Come out of the masses. Stand like a lion and live your life according to your own light”. So, comes the Lion with the name Kimba!


Making the students of RGI connect with Kimba is like instilling relationships and a sense of belongingness in a lot of traditions. You enter the campus and your friend Kimba awaits to wave you, be your friend, and comfort your first step into a world unknown. He is a lovable, brave, and totally huggable guy with a quirky and intelligent bundle of attributes displaying through his infectious smile.

Kimba stands with you to nurture and respect life, he is there to be your strength when required to be serious for studies, he is there to hit the football on the ground, and full of energy he stays around you as a cheerleader to convert your bad day to a good day. You name him, and he comes to you with a bundle of smiles, excitement, and joy as you walk your learning journey.