The G H Raisoni Research Fellowship Fund is managed jointly by the GHR Labs & Research Centre, G H Raisoni University and G H Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur. GHR Labs & Research Center is SIRO approved research laboratory with state-of-art technologies to pave the way for incredible innovations across the focused areas. G H Raisoni University is a state private university that has established itself as a paradigm in educational excellence in a very small span of time.

G H Raisoni College of Engineering [GHRCE] is a premier Autonomous institution in central India imparting a holistic technical education to the students residing not only in India but also international students. Going by the lines of the G H Raisoni Research Fellowship, individuals and a team of 2 to 5 people can apply for the research grant for funding from 50 Thousand to 5 Lakhs.

Prologue of Research Fellowships

The G H Raisoni Research Fellowship Fund is assigned to promote & support cutting edge science and technology research across India. The focused areas of the research include:

  • Agriculture
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Medtech & Healthcare
  • Engineering

Application Eligibility

This call addresses Indian Nationals of differing expertise. Any individual who is a Postgraduate Student, Doctoral Scholar, or Postdoctoral Scholar can apply for the grant. Joint applications involving more than one to a maximum of 5 participants are also acceptable, provided all the applicants are Indian Nationals and have some innovativeness to showcase in their project. The project intends to gender equality.

Grant Guidelines

Proposal Details

It is imperative for the applicant to determine the type of data and method that will be used in the project with a clear explanation to support the chosen method. It should also have supporting documentary evidence.

Conditions to consider an application

The G H Raisoni Research Fellowship will consider applications which meet the following:

Grant Assessment

Scientific merit of proposal
  • In alignment with the purpose of the grant
  • Introducing next generation technologies or innovations over existing products or projects
  • Sustainable, scalable and flexible solutions
  • Specific scientific or technological knowledge catering to define the solutions for existing or current cut-throat competition in the market futuristic developments.
Approach and methodology
  • The chosen method relevance to the proposed solution
  • Realistic and sustainable solution aligned to the time-line and budget
Impact and deliverables
  • Potential to advance science and technology in different spheres across various industry verticals
  • Potential to make significant contribution to economic value
  • Potential to raise employment opportunities with increased gender equality
  • Well-expressed and delivered plan for implementation
  • Scalability, reliability, and potential to have a national impact
Investigator capabilities
  • Expertise and experience of project applicants in the chosen method
  • Capability and reliability of project applicants in implementing the project
  • Accountability of the respective project to the assigned funding

Assessment Process

Applications will be assessed and examined on a competitive basis against all the assessment criteria defined by the G H Raisoni Research Fellowship Fund. The designated expert committee composed of Indian industry experts belonging to different priority areas as mentioned under the Purpose of the Call. The grants would be evaluated independently by these committee members and then jointly reviewed for the decision on award.

With reference to equality in all parameters, only those applications meeting the conditions mentioned under the point 4.2 will be considered, evaluated, and awarded based on the assessment criteria. Applicants may be required to answer certain queries or concerns if raised during the assessment period. Applicants may be required to be physically present during the evaluation process to present his/her research proposal before the committee. However, the team will connect and notify the same before taking the final funding decision.


Applicants from post graduate students, doctoral scholars, and postdoctoral scholars will be funded by the G H Raisoni Research Fellowship, subject to fulfilment of their eligibility conditions and verifiable documents. Joint applications are also acceptable from a team of 2 to a maximum of 5 members. Whether individual or joint applications, the available grant ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 5,00,000 per project based on availability and merit of allocated fund.

Intellectual Property Rights IPR

Intellectual Property Rights generated shall be jointly shared with GHR Labs & Research Centre and researcher / team of researchers.

Decision and terms

Communication regarding final decision

The decision to award an application will be informed through e-mail. There is no scope for appeal against the final decision made by the committee. Decisions may not be appealed. If funds have been awarded in error, or an overpayment made, the recipient may be liable for repayment.

Terms for granted funds

G H Raisoni Research Fellowship Fund's general terms apply to granted funds and are in force from the date a decision is made. These terms include rules on project contracts, conditions of payment, monitoring, reporting and submission of utilisation report as regards the results.

Grant Timeline

The grant is open throughout the year with a review done every two months. However it will be imperative to streamline the process and make it hassle-free. Hence, G H Raisoni Research Fellowship Fund will follow the grant timeline structure mentioned below:

Grant Submission Dates Grant Review Dates Grant Award Dates
1st January to 28th February 1st March to 10th March 15th March
1st March to 30th April 1st May to 10th May 15th May
1st May to 30th June 1st July to 10th July 15th July
1st July to 31st August 1st September to 10th September 15th September
1st September to 31st October 1st November to 10th November 15 November
1st November to 31st December 1st January to 10th January 15th January

Contact details


GHR Labs & Research Centre
345- Shradha House, Kingsway, Nagpur- 440001

Email :

General Instructions:

Please use this template to create a pre-proposal for submission to EREF. Please ensure all formatting and spacing is retained. This is easily done by selecting an area of text and then typing.

If you elect to paste text from another document into the template, please ensure to make necessary adjustments to ensure the template remains formatted correctly.

  • Font in main text should be 12 pt in Times New Roman
  • Length should not exceed 5 pages
  • Line spacing of main text should be no less than 1.15
  • All margins must be 1"
  • File Attachment and Naming
    • Pre-proposals must be uploaded as a single portable document format (PDF) and named as follows:
    • Example
      Dr. ABC submits a pre-proposal in August 2016 then the file submitted would be named: ABC_0816_preproposal.pdf 4 Files submitted that are incorrectly formatted will not be accepted
  • Submitting the Proposal
    • All proposals shall be submitted through emails at
    • 4 Submission of hard copies will not be accepted.

Proforma for Submitting of Proposal

  • Brief overview of the proposal
  • Profile of applicant/ applicants
  • Problem statement
  • The objectives and Outcomes
  • Execution plan to achieve the objectives
  • Review Plan
  • Project Budget