Raisoni Group Of Institutions

We, at The Raisoni Group of Institutions have the most accomplished, outstanding and student-centric school of thought as its foundation stone. There is that amalgamation of theory with practical application, ethics and moral values, academics and co-curricular which caters to the all round development of our students. This is the rationale all round the year activities, conferences, seminars, industry visit, events, inter-collegiate are held to benefit them.

Amidst the plethora of events, there is that one event which makes sure to be that perfect mingling of values, ethics, jubilance and devotion. Add to it just the apt ingredient of celebrity visit and you get- Dhamaal Dandiya!

The word Dhamaal and Dandiya quite perfectly compliment each other. The most wonderful aspect is that it reflects devotion well merged with enthusiasm and love for the Goddess. And, when ethics are associated the onset cannot be better than through devotion.

Dhamaal Dandiya


  • A 9 day festival which starts with the onset of Navratri (the most pious 9 days of the Goddess)
  • The devotion is accompanied everyday by the Garba/Dandiya dance
  • It is one of the grandeur events of the year.
Raisoni Group Of Institutions


Raisoni Group Of Institutions

Dance troupe

Setting the ambiance full of color, vibrancy and music is the inner circle. It comprises of the students of the Raisoni Group of Institutions performing the most beautiful steps, choreographed by none other than the college’s own choreographer

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Dancing with full enthusiasm to the beats of the most amazing dance numbers and live band

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A plethora of awards/prizes to be won daily! This includes the best dancers- boys and girls, and the best dressed prizes. Not to obliterate the on spot prizes!

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Don up and show

That 9 day opportunity to dress like a star

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Celebrity attendance

Marks the participation of a TV celebrity to grace the occasion

Raisoni Group Of Institutions
Dhamaal Dandiya


Well definitely, the college life is and will always be the most pertinent part of your journey of life. While it continues to be indispensable for your safe and successful future, the same lies true to the jubilance you can be on the receiving end of in here. It is for this reason the Dhamaal Dandiya continues to be the most happening and amazing event of the year .

  • Meet new students
  • Showcase your talent
  • Dress yourself in the most amazing manner
  • Take pleasure in a live band and foot tapping music
  • Enjoy in the safe premises

The Raisoni Group of Institutions has made sure to inculcate in its students the virtue of moral values, ethics and cultural beliefs with each and every event. The objective behind this has been to ensure their complete development.

A human should not aim at being a successful machine. The objective should instead be that apt amalgamation of values, morals and jubilance in every moment and every part of their life.

Raisoni Group Of Institutions