G H Raisoni Academy for Human Excellence

In today’s business environment which is changing rapidly, it is imperative for professionals to continuously change and evolve. We at Raisoni Group of Institutions are committed to provide quality education to our students and therefore we spend a lot of time in grooming our teachers and students to facilitate the teaching-learning process through our training arm, known as G H Raisoni Academy for Human Excellence (RAHE).

RAHE is a fully fledged training academy for teachers and corporate professionals that also act as a finishing school for the students. It has well qualified trainers and state-of-art infrastructure who work hard to create motivated, skilled, technically sound and competent manpower to meet the training needs of corporate, academic & service organization.

How we groom our Teachers / Faculty

We conduct several training programs for our Teaching staff to help them hone their teaching abilities and methodology. We conduct 200-hours Capacity Building Training Program for teachers regularly with an objective to develop skilled teachers.

We also organize the following programs to groom our Teaching staff:

  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) – One Day/Two Day
  • Co-Scholastic aspects of CCE - One Day/Two Day
  • Life Skills: Thinking skills, Social skills, Emotional skills
  • Health and Wellness Education
  • Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills
  • Subject specific training programmes at Secondary/Senior Secondary level
  • Pedagogy strategies (with special focus on inter-disciplinary approach)
  • Inculcating Counselling Skills in teachers

and many more.

How we groom our students

We conduct several training programs for our students to help them develop confidence, leadership and communication skills. Our objective is to develop their personality so they are ready to face and meet the challenges of the outside world more effectively and efficiently.

Some of the programs we regularly conduct for our students are as follows:

  • Life Skills: Thinking Skills, Social Skills, Emotional Skills
  • Mental Health and Adolescent Issues
  • Study skills and learning strategies
  • Personality development and Career counselling
  • Programmes on reading, creative writing, disaster management, financial literacy

and many more.

How we groom Top & Mid level Managers, Supervisors & Executives

We also provide customized training programs for managers, supervisors and executives from the industry:

  • Personal Development & Interpersonal Skills
  • Improving Customer Service Levels
  • Management & Team Leadership Skills
  • Attitude & Empowerment of an individual
  • Sales & Marketing skills

and many more.

How we groom Kids

Every year, during the summer vacations, we conduct Summer Camps where we focus on developing kids personality. We focus on the following modules:

  • Life Skills Development
  • Stage Anchoring, Dancing, Art, Craft and Painting
  • Horse Riding, Gymnastics
  • Social & Family Skills
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Skits and Dramatics

and many more.

We also offer several Corporate Training programmes and CBSE Teachers Training programmes. For more information on how G H Raisoni Academy for Human Excellence can be helpful for your training needs, please visit http://ghrahe.raisoni.net