Education in India has come a long way and students from Raisoni Schools have gone on to make their mark in some of the most prestigious colleges and universities around the world. Raisoni School, have been providing a world-class education for young minds and helping them develop academically and socially, and in becoming global citizens.

At Raisoni School’s our role goes beyond imparting only curriculum-based knowledge. We create and maintains an environment that allows the individual student to develop himself/herself while acquiring the skills and attitude required to evolve into an active and responsible citizen.

Raisoni Group believes that the years of early adolescence are pivotal and abound with individual potential and opportunity. Therefore, at Raisoni School’s we strive to meet the diverse academic, social, and emotional needs of all students within a caring and responsive educational environment within which all students feel personally known and cared for and that adults listen to their voices, respect their concerns, and engage them in meaningful educational experiences that will prepare them for a promising future.

Offered Courses
Science Two Years
CommerceTwo Years
ArtsTwo Years
Offering Schools