General Selection Procedure

General Selection procedure followed by the companies consists of the below mentioned planks:

  • Pre- Placement Talk :Students are required to attend the pre- placement talk of the company for the campus drive. It is a general interaction between the company people and the students which will allow the students to get to know more about the company, the job that they are offering, roles and responsibilities, etc.
  • General Aptitude:This round consists of general Aptitude Test consisting of Sections like English, Technical Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, etc. Theses are the basic sections for the Aptitude Test. Few of the sections may vary from company to company.
  • Technical Test:Some of the companies may require judging the students on the basis of their technical abilities according to their requirements. For such companies a separate Aptitude test specifically on Technical Abilities is conducted.
  • Group discussion:The Group Discussion round is used to check the ability of the student to perform in groups and get his/her viewpoint heard in a group and, most importantly to check for the spontaneity and logicality of thought. It usually lasts for about 15 minutes out of which starting 5 minutes are segregated to jot down the points on the given topic and the discussion lasts for about 10 minutes.
  • Personal Interview:The Personal Interview round consists of two parts:
    • HR Round:The HR round is a test of communication skills, thinking ability, clarity of goals and personal disposition.
    • Technical Round:The Technical round is a test of subject knowledge and knowledge of the work place. It will also test the candidate’s ability to apply their learnt skills.
    • The students will be checked for the following facets of personality:
      (A) Vision & ambition
      • Short – Term
      • Long – Term
      (B) Confidence
      • Knowledge:
        • General - Business/Economy and Current Affairs.
        • Immediate - Family and education
        • Academics - Theory and its real life application
        • Other Interests-Hobbies, Extra-curricular activities
      • Motivation:
        • Drive for Efficiency and Excellence.
        • Leadership Qualities.
        • Desire to pursue goals that are likely to help a large number of people.
        • Self Awareness/ Personal Estimation
        • Action – Orientation/ Pro – Activity
        • Expression and Articulation
        • Listening Skills,/
        • Eye-Contact
        • Closure / Efficiency of Speech
        • Experience - Ability to learn and benefit from both success and failure
      (C) Managerial Skills
      • Commitment to core values
      • Handling of Stress
      • Handling of Emotions