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Annual Events

National Students Parliament (NSP) is a platform for debate on current issues concerning the Society/Country. The two sides of coin, when presented through high pitch debate, are vetted by eminent panellists and judged through both public voting and panel. It is an annual event to create an opportunity for all the students to realize their true potential by actively participating in various social procedures to become dynamic, empathetic and effective leaders of our country. In NSP, we invite thousands of colleges from entire country to participate in a “Mock Parliament”, which is an effective way to teach students about parliamentary processes, at the best junction of their lives. This enhances their understanding of how Bills become Laws, scope and role of Ministries, and above all introduce them to the term “responsible government”, sowing the seed to play an active role in public life, contribute positively to the society they live in, and build a stronger nation.For more details about NSP, visit www.rashtriyachhatrasansad.in

Dhamal Dandiya is our annual event held during the fun-filled Navratri festival. Here, everybody including top management let their mind loose and dance to the tunes of famous Garba songs conducted by professional orchestra. Traditional colourful dress is code of the day. Our official choreographer trains the students who make the event vibrant and colourful. A key feature of Dhamal Dandiya is participation of nine celebrities on nine days of Navratri festival, who not only grace the event but dance with the students as well

TechKrunch is a National level event which is aimed at providing a platform for the engineering students to interact and share their ideas with other students across the country. TechKrunch comprises of several tracks such as Design & Robotics competition which intend to hone the creativity of future engineers of our country.

R-Idea is a National level Business Plan competition with an objective to harness entrepreneurship and business planning skills within B-school students. The objective of R-idea is to provide an opportunity to post graduate students of management to compete on a national level and get their business plans validated by experts from industry, academia and venture capitalists and other funding agencies. The competition is open to those who have a primary business idea, fire to succeed as an entrepreneur and showcase an understanding of Economy, Business Potential, Financials, and Technology & Innovations.

For more details about Raisoni R-idea, visit www.ridea.in

Paroksha is a National Level Project / Paper / Gaming competition for Polytechnic students. The objective is to provide a national level platform to the students for exploring their technical & innovative ideas & helping them to enhance their overall skills and showcase their talent through live demonstrations of project, paper & poster presentations. This event is organized into three 3 different sub events: Tech Horizons, Tech Search and Funzilla

Manthan is first of its kind program which aims at empowering the nobility of the Teachers. The 2 day programme stresses on the imperative need of equipping teachers to prepare children to face the challenges of globalization. The beneficiaries of Manthan are teachers from primary, secondary and senior secondary level. It includes learning ambassadors from rural and urban society comprising all boards – CBSE, State, ICSE, etc.For more details about Manthan, visit www.manthanntp.com

Antaragni is the annual social gathering of all the colleges in Raisoni Group of Institutions. This annual cultural festival includes events like dancing, rangoli competition, rock band, fashion show and other events with many fresh ideas and innovative concepts. This event helps students to collaborate with each other and instils a competitive spirit in them. Other than having a good time, it helps students to develop other non-academic skills.

Raisoni Mandi is a unique learning method for MBA students to hone their entrepreneurial skills. They discover marketing wisdom through street selling. This event is the hallmark of our MBA curriculum. Raisoni Mandi has a twofold purpose. Besides helping students understand and discover management wisdom through practical application, it works for a social cause. The educational and unique products which are not available in shops are purchased from a NGO who works for the health and education of the underprivileged children

Youth festival is a vibrant platform under which upcoming talent gets a chance to showcase their skills and abilities in various groups such as Dance, Theatre, Music, Literary, Fine Art, Photography & Film Making, and several others. Since Youth Festival is focused on youth, it turns out to be an exciting, vibrant and inspiring event where talented youngsters impress the audience with their unique skills.

Kashti is a cultural Youth festival divided in three different groups – Sports, Technical and Cultural. Students participate with great enthusiasm in all the events of Kashti such as performing arts, literature, management, fine arts, workshops, gaming etc. This event witnesses great response from students who strive each year to out-do themselves bringing creative new ideas and events for collegians