Why You Choose HR as Your Professional Career?

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Being an HR Professional my answer would be…..

Dealing with the Human beings is a difficult job in the world. Here is an opportunity to feel the pulse of the people and to help them to help themselves.

What you think now?

 You are Interested to work with human beings?

YES, I would like to take up challenging task in my life; I have chosen this field because HR profession is based on HUMANITY.

Every STUDENT needs to think…

Why I want to start my career in HR?

If you have an avid interest in Human Psychology because human psychology is a vital part of PRODUCTIVITY.

An HR person needs to have a very sound knowledge at Industrial ACT’s and organization psychology without these skills student can’t function well.

During my 7 years of experience; I have seen thousands of people landing in a wrong job. They are also helpless because there could be many reasons like wrong guidance, wrong selection etc.

I feel, before getting into HR Job One should ask himself / herself – WHY I choose my career as an HR?

If student gets positive answer, he or she should select this job or just leave it.

HR ROLE IS PURELY BASED ON HUMANITY and EMPLOYEE Engagement this is NOT an Administrative ROLE.

The basic important thing in HR to bridge the gap between Employee and Employer and act through confidentially with SMILE to your employee’s.

Following things are required for starting a career in HR:

Patience, Empathy, Love, Tenderness and have a tough heart to tackle any NON- SENSE!

Listening: can solve 50% of the workers problems.

From the Management point of view: HR Person should have vision to participate in the growth plan of the  organization.

Human Resource Management is not only  managing  people  but also how  to tap  up the human resources  for the growth  of the organization is the key.

IF you are INTERESTED IN ALL THESE and much more, then you can say these reasons fascinated me and hence I chose HR as my Profession.

Last but not the least…. You can do justice to HR Profession only IF Human beings are close to your Heart but handled carefully..

Pravin Wat

About Pravin Wat

Pravin S.Wat is a Training and Placement Officer at Raisoni Group of Institutions, Nagpur.

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