Topics for National Students Parliament 2016

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National Students Parliament (NSP) is a platform for debate on current issues concerning the Society/Country. The two sides of coin, when presented through high pitch debate, are vetted by eminent panelists and judged through both public voting and panel. It is an annual event to create an opportunity for all the students to realize their true potential by actively participating in various social procedures to become dynamic, empathetic and effective leaders of our country.

In NSP, we invite thousands of colleges from entire country to participate in a “Mock Parliament”, which is an effective way to teach students about parliamentary processes, at the best junction of their lives. This enhances their understanding of how Bills become Laws, scope and role of Ministries, and above all introduce them to the term “responsible government”, sowing the seed to play an active role in public life, contribute positively to the society they live in, and build a stronger nation.

Proposed Topics for National Students Parliament 2016

We are finalizing topics for NSP 2016, and would appreciate your views and feedback on what topics can be included. At the moment, we have shortlisted the following topics.

  1. Reservation for women will it weaken or strengthen the community
  2. Managers are born, not trained
  3. Movies /TV are boon or bane to our society
  4. Press should be partisan and not judgmental
  5. Global warming are we going towards a disaster
  6. Privatization will lead to government focusing on development and not be in business
  7. Joint family – Is it returning back?
  8. Women are efficient managers than men
  9. Brain-Drain – how to be stopped?
  10. Water resources should be nationalized
  11. Examinations – has it killed education?

We invite you to discuss and share your views on what other topics can be covered at NSP 2016. To join the discussion, express your views in the comments below.

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  1. Farrukh Khan says:

    I suggest topics
    1. Dreams do not work, unless you do.
    2. Rather than ‘Urbanisation’, massive ‘Ruralisation’ is the answer for India’s real-time development.

  2. I suggest
    1) positive Journalism. And stopping corporate media.
    2) Should celebrities be more responsible in their statements.
    3) Is Indian youth really loosing their indian roots?

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