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The worth of a true Foodie lies in the eyes of those who belong to this same category…!

I am a food lover. Most of the people are unable to sleep when they are hungry, but I wake up in the mid night to fill my stomach when I know the refrigerator is piled with delicious food.

The aroma of biryani makes me walk to kitchen when my mother is busy cooking it. The Yummy Cheese spread over the pizza makes me crazy when I hit the door of Dominos. The loving experience of ghee in the “Sarso ka Saag” that is prepared by my Mom is just so soothing. I am a person whose stomach instructs her brain to stop the vehicle and have at least one plate of idli, whenever I pass by the door of Veera Swami. The nachos of Mocha are just mouth-watering. The Chinese Noodles of Nanking makes me wonder why I don’t live in a place surrounded by Chinese Restaurants! -103° F makes me soothes my throat even in drastic winters. These crazy incidents clear that I am the biggest Foodie ever.

When I joined Raisoni, I was eager to know the menu of The Raisoni’s Canteen. Once I stepped into the canteen with my friend Priyanka.  I realized that here, I had in front of me, a block of Chinese, a chunk of Sandwiches, a corner of south Indian dishes and a wide range of North Indian Food. Lovely! I have had a taste of almost every dish in the canteen. The food is delicious as well as nutritious. “Green Vegetables should be included in a balanced diet.” they say. So, Yummy Thaali includes all the nutrients of a balanced diet. You get to have a variety in veggies, as well.

Most of the times, I don’t bring my lunch from home and prefer to have it from the canteen.  Being an intern at Global Education Limited, I get to have yummy food from the canteen daily. . I have coffee from the canteen which freshens up me. The Aroma of coffee is enough to bring a smile on my face.

The more I want, the more I can speak on the same topic. Food energizes me and so I love to try variations in it.

Eat and be fit 😉

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