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Have you ever seen a 14yr old earn a Brown belt in Shotokan?

Well, I am a State Level Gold Medalist in Kumite. The walls of superstitions can never stop me. “A girl can’t play martial arts”, has been a thinking of millions of heads around. I believe a girl should stand out of the crowd.  She must be different.

My journey in being a KARATEKA (A person who does Karate) has been a see-saw ride.

I began practicing Kata when I was 10yrs old. Kata is a pattern of movements. I won many fights in it and eventually, started practicing Kumite in 2006, at the age of 11yrs. I used to represent my school in various championships and bring honor to my parents. The love of karate was instilled in me by my mother who was a sportsperson in her college days. She has always supported me for what I love to do.

Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan, Heian Godan ,etc are some of the Katas.  I think, a girl can seem graceful in whatever she does confidently. I am confident in my love towards karate .

Mae-ashi (mawashi geri) (Front roundhouse kick with front leg), Mae geri (Front kick), Kin geri (Kick in the groin, performed like front kick but with the feet), etc. are some kicking styles in Kumite. The zeal to practice  Kumite was put in me by my sports sir. He found the confidence in me to compete in the district level, first and the win gold for the state.

This passion of mine took a rest as I passed my school and entered college. It rested for 2yrs. When I joined Sadabai Raisoni Women’s College in 2014, we were asked to actively participate in the Talent Round. For some time I was blank about the talent in me. I had actually forgotten it. I did not participate. Sometime later, I was busy arranging my certificates, when I realized, I own a pile of Karate Certificates. I had to polish my skills. I started to practice it in my holidays. I Started with Kata again.

I planned to beat the level I had reached. I am still practicing it and trying to build up myself. This is my real passion. This is what is love and will surely, beat my own records.

When one decides to achieve something, half of the mission is accomplished. I have the spirit to stand out of the crowd.  And I will!!!

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