The Millennial Minds

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India boasts of a huge youth population compared to any of western countries. This growing millennial generation has its own challenges.

 With the advent of the technology in general and the internet, in particular, has created a glut of information at a very early stage. With a plethora of choices and a dearth of experience the youth tend to take decisions which are impulsive but not balanced. Need for instant gratification, competition, western influence from media has led the youth to be very purpose oriented. An urge to achieve early in life leads to a convergent choice of education streams. Throughout this educational stint, they tend to have a superficial connect with subject domain and that gives rise to one of the primary issues of not being trust worthy,  as industry chooses to define this category. Lack of emotional nerve and insensitiveness to people around, they tend to build their social networks on a need to know basis. In the initial years of their professional stint, this doesn’t cause problems but later tends to give rise to lack of conviction in a team environment, the hesitation of superiors to suggest/provide referrals for appraisals. So bridging the gap between the economic aspirations and reality of the youth is of paramount importance. The most important point here is that young people believe in a brighter future and it is up to us to afford them that opportunity.

Citi Foundation’s ‘pathway to progress’ initiative supports programs that help the youth ages 16-24 build an entrepreneurial mindset, acquire leadership,  and workplace skills.

So social and philanthropic organizations in collaboration with Industry should come forward to serve as mentors coaches and provide professional advice to help the youth move towards their career goals.

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