The Importance of Being Punctual

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Rajesh Patil, one of my M. Pharmacy student had cleared telephonic interview for the leading multinational Pharma company and amongst the top ten candidates selected from more than 100 applicants. At the time of final interview he was only 7 minutes late to the first session of 9:00 am that is Group Discussion set for all the applicants. As he reached the office, he found door closed with a notice on the board saying “NO PLACE FOR UNPUNCTUALS”. He missed the best chance of his career and life.

You will find such stories ubiquitously where one has lost the best chance of his or her life or career due to unpunctuality.


How do you feel when your flight is delayed due to poor time management of pilot? How do you feel when you miss a job opportunity due to the delay of your bus driver? How do you feel when you find doctor who is late during emergency operation? You will definitely get irritated over the people for not being punctual.

A doctor’s unpunctuality means the loss of a life and student’s unpunctuality leads to failure in exam or job opportunity. If businessman fails to be punctual in his appointments, his business might suffer major financial loss. From these examples, we can easily understand that without punctuality one can never expect to become successful in whichever profession he or she is.
Punctuality in the academic domain is etiquette as it is a habit of doing things on a timely manner, keeping in mind the importance of time. One of the great values of punctuality is that it gives discipline to life.

We live in an orderly world which rules by distinctive laws and principles which we can learn from the nature. A rainbow appears in VIBGYOR fashion. Sun, Moon, planets rotate in a particular order and pattern from the time of their creations. There is also an order of commencing seasons that come with expected time frame, with Spring to Summer, Summer to Autumn, Autumn to Winter, and then again back Spring. Every day Sun rises in the East, and sets in the West in a punctual manner. There is an order and punctuality in every aspect of nature. It is nature’s law of punctuality.

Whenever we succeed, it is because we are living in accordance with and by following those rules and principles. And when we do not succeed, it is because we are not living in alignment with those laws and principals. It is one of the secrets for success and one of the trademarks of leaders.

Lives of great men show that they were all punctual and their success in life was due to punctuality. They persisted with punctuality despite all the difficulties.

Punctuality helps you to set your goals, a time frame to achieve that goal. One comes to know the importance of time. Improper planning of work may lead to accumulation of the tasks resulting into further delays. Finally, when people are not good at time management skills, it may lead to unpunctuality. The repercussions of unpunctuality are many such as building up worry and anxiety resulting into stress and fatigue. It brings disrespect to the individuals and they lose their name, fame and dignity.


Respect: People tend to respect individuals more who are accurate and stay behind their words. Being punctual says that you respect yourself, your time and your business, and that you have a high self-esteem.

Trust: You can be trusted! When you always stay behind your words, you are probably a trust worthy person, and trust is the base for any relationship and business.

Time saving : Being punctual with them will make them being punctual with you, which can be a great benefit in many situations.

Leader: A person who is punctual is always one step ahead of others. It cultivates leader in you.
Brings quality work: Better time management brings quality work and appreciations

Don’t feel sorry: You don’t have to cut a sorry figure for being late when you are punctual.

Peace of Mind: You will have peace of mind as things turn out as per the plan.

• Develop a positive mindset
• Practice to be punctual. Make it habit
• Respect your time as well as others’ time
• Write down your appointments and works to do to avoid mismanagements
• Stay focused and clear with your priorities
• Reward yourself for being punctual

Punctuality brings a lot of difference in your life. Always, be punctual in your life irrespective of your domain, area or sector. It pays to be punctual in this competitive world. Punctuality is the key to your success. Without this quality you will never get to your desired goal ever in your whole life.

Kamlesh Wadher

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Dr. Kamlesh J. Wadher is an Associate Professor, SKB College of Pharmacy, Kamptee, Nagpur

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