The Defining Element in Success Mechanism: Body Language for Professionals

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There are so many factors which are supposed to be vital in the armoury of every successful person. The factors such as decision making, communication skills, core professionalism, emotional intelligence, time management etc are the soft skills which have proved to be crucial for those, who have made niche for themselves in the galaxy of success icons. But the most important factor which simply is above all the skills that are mentioned above is none other than BODY LANGUAGE.

The all important question is what body language is all about and how it can be used as weapon by every success aspirant. Body language is a kind of language which is spoken by our body. This is a kind of expression of emotions by every man through his body. There is an art to understand this language and every professional should be adept in it. It is often found that our body never lies. That means whatever is going on in our heart, out body reflects exactly the same feelings. There are so many distinct advantages if we are able to understand body language of other persons correctly. The professionals will be able to understand clients better and add an all important professional approach to their working style. We can get better in all sorts of professional discussions. As a matter of fact, this art of body language can be used judiciously to help us find right partner even at the time of marriage. We can get better results out of different conferences and interviews if we can make most out of this not so ancient art.

Nature God has been very kind with the fairer sex in this sphere of understanding body language. Women are found to have this outstanding skill naturally with them. We will be wonderstruck to find that ladies can pick up any intricate bodily signal very easily whereas men will watch helplessly and never understand the things unless they are told specifically with the help of words. Another mind-blowing point is that women will never be caught while telling lies, but can very easily pick-up whether men are telling lies or not.

In fact this art has been talked about not so long ago. The experts have opined that this art has been deciphered about two hundred years back. The changing as well as challenging environment over the years can be attributed to this art being analyzed in-depth and used in various fields to get the desired results. It is extremely difficult to explain the entire concept of body language in detail in a single article, but we can learn some useful techniques. Let us understand the language of our body by examining few important body movements with it’s usages primarily meant for professionals in different fields.

Personal area :- This is an exceptional aspect which needs to be understood to get to the roots of body language. Just like any city, state or country, every person has unmarked personal area within which he or she feels comfortable to operate. An area up to 8 inches can be termed as internal area. We do not like any other person to come close to us violating our internal area. We welcome only our close friends and family members in our internal area. Similarly an area of 14 to 20 inches is known as personal area. We maintain this area in our office, social function and friendly discussions. An area of 2 feet to 4 feet is known as social area. We maintain this area with strangers, shop-keepers or labours working in our home. When we have to address some meeting, we require an open area of 6 feet to 10 feet and this area is known as public area.

Natural Movements :- There are certain inborn or natural movements which are never taught even to infants such as feedings, laughing, vertical neck movements to say ‘yes’ and horizontal movements to say ‘no’. The movement of folding of ones both hands at a time over the chest is also natural. You will wonder that during the movements of folding, the hand which is usually kept beneath the other hand is always the same hand and that will be like that only, even if we are asked to fold our hands hundred times. These are some natural movements which need not be taught or learnt.

Movements of hands :- You can very well get to know the type of person a man is from has hand movements. When a person talks with his palms wide open, rest assured that he is not lying, But when the palms are not open, he should not be trusted blindly. While talking any professional should look for an open palms of client, especially when client lets him know about vital information.

Movements of Shaking-hands :- When we talk about dealing with core professionals in marketing area, they should just be perfect in about almost everything i.e. from shaking hands with clients to closing the calls. When it is a matter of shake-hand, see to it that you do not get into anybody’s internal area while shaking hand. If your client happens to be from small town or village, he would be comfortable to offer his hand only if you to keep some distance. Another aspect of hand-shake is that if there is firm hand-shake from any person, there is every possibility of that person being candid and offering his hand with the honest intention. As against that if a person shakes hand with no energy, keep in mind that he is offering his hand as a matter of formality and does not have much interest in offering his hand. The force in the shake-hand shows your character, your motive and your personality as well.

Movements of feet / legs: – Just like hands, our legs also form an important part of body language. There are quite a few movements which need to be studied to understand body language better. The marketing professionals should take a note that when a client sits with keeping one leg over other, he is supposed to be in defensive mood. In addition to that if his hands are folded over his chest, then it is advisable not to prolong sales talk with him and instead ask for another date to close the call. You are sure to get a clear ‘NO’ from this gentleman. This posture is also known as LADIES SPECIAL, as the ladies are often found in this position especially if they do get angry with their husbands or do not conform to what you suggest.

As against this movement during sales talk, if any client sits listening to the talk of with his feet (not legs) locked , then you should understand that he has something different in his mind besides what you are suggesting. If this client is allowed to talk then and there, his real requirements will come out and that will serve the purpose of you being a true professional.

Movements of eyes: – The eyes are described as the mirror of one’s mind. A real professional can very easily guess whether his client has positive or negative intent just by looking carefully into his eyes. Let us examine the factor of correct approaches in eye movements. Assuming that there is triangle in the face of a client, an agent is expected to look into this triangle of two eyes and centre point of fore-head. This will give professional approach to the talks and will make talks serious as well. Whenever we are in some social function, while talking we need to be within the triangle comprising of two eyes and mouth. This is known as social approach through eyes. When we are with our family members and close friends, the internal approach will change the length of triangle. This time the triangle will comprise of two eyes and third point just below the chest. Remember that there should be no mess with the approaches, else the talks will not be as effective as it should be. It is to be kept in mind that the client understands 87 per cent of what he sees through his eyes, 9 per cent through ears and only 4 per cent through other organs. That is why always ensure that the eyes of the client is fixed on the very piece of information that is being explained to him.

Some unique tips to get the best results through effective use of body language techniques:

1) While talking with your clients in standing position if you have your both hands holding each other behind your back, make it a habit to hold your left wrist with your right hand and not vice-a-versa.
When you hold your weak hand with your strong hand, it sends positive signals to your mind.

2) When you find that during the course of the discussion your client is eating his nails, rest assured that he is in uncertain state of mind and needs your assuring words to come to conclusion.

3) While discussing with your clients, if you notice that he is supporting the weight of his face by his palms by holding his chin, there should be no doubt that he has no interest in what you are explaining to him

4) During the discussion, if you notice that the client is looking at you by having his spectacle over his nose, you need to be careful because either this man holds some cards close to his chest or he knows a lot more about the point you are discussing with him.

5) Never ever sit on any chair or sofa in the house of your client unless and until you are asked to sit. The reason is that, perhaps, you may sit on that chair or sofa, which might be a regular place to sit for that client. In such a case, he remains disturbed throughout the discussion and may not oblige you.

We have discussed some important points of body language here keeping the requirements of the professionals in mind. The main object of this article is to explain the importance of body language in professional parlance. This study is not just important for any professionals, but it is equally important for all those who want to get the best out of their lives. It is imperative on part of all professionals irrespective of their fields first to learn the language of their bodies and master it afterwards to obtain desired results.

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