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Art is a Universal Language. Art needs no word to get communicated. Art flaunts itself.

From my childhood, I have been interested in Art. I love to draw. I have learnt various types of art such as “Pen and Ink”.  It’s a Painting that is done using both the hands simultaneously. Rock painting is a style that Emphasizes Art on a Rock. This style shows a lot of creativity. Glass painting, as the name says, is done on a glass. It needs patience and creativity, so that your thoughts can be painted on the glass beautifully.

Art is not only seen on a paper or a material. Art is something that we do daily.

Here, I show a work of my creation.

This painting depicts the beauty of nature. It is done using Water Colors. It speaks about the various Colors, the nature holds. It can be seen that, there are so many shades in green, alone, that fills in the beauty to the plants. Shades of pink and purple convey the message that spring season has already peeped in.Lastly, I would like to quote few lines of:

Thomas Merton-“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

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