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Skill India

India holds second rank in population after China and first rank for having youngest population perhaps in coming one or two decade it may override China to become world’s most populous country. But this trend leads to a very serious problem of unemployment which going towards a devastating course. According to the Aspiring Minds National Employ-ability Report 80% of engineering graduates are unemployable because they lack necessary knowledge and skills. The number with other graduates is about 75% of unemployment, whereas the skilled personnel in India are only 2% of the required manpower. India with its mammoth population can be converted into giant hub of outsourcing and manpower with infusion of skill to unskilled which ultimately help to push Indian economy upward. In a contemporary trend all national and multinational companies are lean toward hiring a skilled professional rather than hiring and training them afterward. By virtue of this practice companies are saving both Time & Money which they were supposed to utilize on hired employees. For example if there are two individual, both of them did B.Com  but second one of that also did Tally ERP course then recruiter  will give first preference to second one. Currently recruiter are in bid to search for those candidate which possess skills competent to there degrees.

In this context China would be best example. For more than two decade Chinese economy registers growth at 10 percent due to consistent efforts to convert low-technology based businesses into more professional & completely technology based businesses which required huge force of skilled labor. So they started their focus on educational reforms particularly on vocational training and education from grass root level. Chinese Government designed Vocational Training Program in systematic manner and planning comprehensibly providing a statutory legal framework taking care of all needs it require. To enhance active participation of student to vocational courses they spend huge amount of money in giving scholarship or imparting training free of cost for most students. The result as we all know most company give first preference to China as companies are well aware of fact that they will fetch cheap labor and high quality product due to skilled manpower.

“Skill India” Program is really appreciable step taken by Government of India understanding inevitable importance of Skill Development and pushing it through out the nation by amalgamating with some of it’s agency like National Skill Development Corporation and other organization. To eradicate unemployment Skill Building Program may act as ray of hope. In coming years when infrastructural development will be accelerated in India we are going to need thousand of skilled employees in terms of welder, mason, fitter, plumber, draftsman etc. all these are only in infrastructural field, different skilled professional required for different field. Eventually you don’t need to be highly literate to get skilled normal literate or even illiterate can also be make skilled with consistent practice. For financial and social healthiness of country it is extremely important to minimize the unemployment rate by creating strong front line of skilled personnel to be picked up by recruiters from National and International domain. Following Chinese pattern we must focus on secondary vocational training program which include informal on job training, apprenticeship, enterprise training program etc. There are jobs what we need is to carve the individual into skilled one to grab those jobs. Empowering youth with skills, India will march forward to attain its designated results.

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