Role of Polytechnic in Development of Society in Today’s Era

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In this time and age as we see that everyone has acquired some kind of education or others so as to be employable. Polytechnic education in India enables many to become employable without spending years behind to many courses. In India the literacy rate is not too big yet the population is immense. In bid to provide masses to get jobs vocational courses are best bet, so main focus of polytechnic education in India is to make students employable. When we talk of Professional skill Development, Digital India, Make in India, Polytechnic is a big source of skill development programs which can be conducted in rural area.

The polytechnic means as its name contain a conglomeration of different technical domain at one place. Degree based program takes more time for execution of courses and actual employment generation, as it follows 10+2+4 year program consecutively. But In case of polytechnic it follows mere 10+3 year pattern and as soon as one finished diploma person is almost ready for industry.

Polytechnic Education

Polytechnic education certainly has great impact on society. NGO’s and other organizations are ready with surveys like regional needs, employment ratios of rural area near by to us, Government bodies can also be helpful. It is useful to chalk out proper Employability skill training modules. Polytechnic student’s skill can be used to support rural or uneducated people in their earning. Small workshops can come up like of 7 days or 3 hours a week.

Colleges are proper authorities to give certificate to these workshops which can help them to enter the competencies in the society, Support their livelihood, and financially uplift them. Authorities with the help of polytechnic students can conduct workshop for bulb series making, decoration, plumbing etc.

Lot more idea can be implemented like Electronics department can hold workshop of Mixer repairing, Mobile repairing, by using mobile van which will go to their places on weekends & conduct the workshop. Electrical department can go for motor repairing or small wiring skills. LED lights have a huge market open. Workshops making small LED lamps, solar heaters, cookers can go far away as earning sources for unemployed youth in rural area. The material can be called upon and assembled.

We have branches like Automobile which can teach basic servicing to vehicle under skill development that does not require diploma but knowledge from Diploma holders. Agricultural equipments can also be designed, mason’s can be trained, and if they have skill then it can be polished. Start-up, new innovative ideas are hitting minds of young generation now days. Utilizing those, small technical assistance in form of counseling centers can be extended to small villages for their upliftments.

Being Industry Oriented and updated every 3 years MSBTE syllabus happens to be world class professional course and hence, skill enhancement of technical bodied is also done which can be fruitfully utilized by the society and for the society. This will better serve the purpose of AICTE to increase the Polytechnic courses in India. There are various Short term courses offered by MSBTE to fulfill demands of industry, to increase skilled manpower, to create entrepreneurs in society.

Eligibility to take admission in 3 years, Polytechnic, Diploma courses is as follow:
1) X passed, to get admission in First Year.
2) XII pass, from any stream, can get admission in second year.
3) MCVC, Technical, ITI with 2 years can get admission in second year.


State Government granted various scholarship and free ship schemes for eligible students of various categories.
It is welcoming move by authorities that they are introducing new syllabus making vocational courses more time and technology relevant. Right from the beginning our students’ will be shown the way in which they can explore avenues of their choice and participate in the march toward the progress of society ultimately benefiting to country.

Bhagyashree Palewar

About Bhagyashree Palewar

Bhagyashree Palewar, is Training and Placement Officer at G H Raisoni Polytechnic, Nagpur.

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