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My journey with Raisoni started 4yrs ago. I boarded this train in 2013. As a student of Sadabai Raisoni Women’s College, I got to learn a number of things..

A Shy girl with a reserved nature takes time to make friends. I made a few in the very first year.  As time passes by, choices become less. This is what happened and I was left with just one besttie, Renuka Jhamtani. Our Friendship grew stronger as time at SRWC passed by. We learnt together, giggled together and shared belongings (this is what girls are known for).

The true journey of college life has a merge of everything in it. Happiness, sadness, jealousy, anger, sweetness… In fact, it can be thought as – you are closed in a bag of Mixed Feelings that when shaked, jumbles you up and down and side-by-side. This Exciting ride of life, taught me a number of things….

This train stops at a number of stations, sometimes Life forces you to get down on a station that is not of your choice. When I Relate this to College, You might don’t want to take a break from studies but have to, or you fail a semester and realize your mistake, afterwards. I haven’t   been put on this station, but seen many co-passengers (friends) get down on it and never boarded the train again. Some were Courageous enough to board train at the last moment.

I feel happy to complete my journey with the SRWC Express…

One year ago, I boarded a new train, GHRIIT express. I am still a passenger of this train and have crossed one station; hopefully, I will complete this journey by 2018. I have made new friends here. I love their company and even enjoy the Raisoni Events with them.

Global Education Limited is my Latest Compartment in this Raisoni Express…. Schedule of this train is quiet easy which makes me carry on with my studies and work as well…I have been appointed as Research Analyst and happily working in this field.  New targets are achieved daily and as AN ACHIEVER (as Raisoni’s Motto Speak) I Have and Will Gain A lot of experience.

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