Need of Social and Emotional Education along with Academics

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In the 21st century, every Student-right from School to College is preparing to face Challenges of Career and Life. Academically s/he seems to be ok, but finds difficulties in facing challenges of life and career. It’s very essential to equip each of them with the proper Social, Emotional and Educational Learning-skills which lay a strong foundation to help the future citizen play different roles in life as a good student, friend, family member, citizen and worker of tomorrow.

The workplace today, demands people, who are creative and able to solve problems, connect and collaborate with others and have good communication skills. People who cannot establish a rapport with colleagues and the general public remain isolated. This might lead to many issues and problems in their personal and professional lives. These are the people who struggle and find it difficult to be tolerated by others. It leads to anxiety, depression, nervousness, fear, and awkwardness.

A Person with good communication skills, that help in expressing his/her thoughts and feelings, and has a better understanding is easily accepted whereas lack of good communication skill results in   miscommunication and misunderstanding leading to a lot of problems.

Abilities to solve problems and collaborate; effective communication and creative thinking are not only applicable at the workplace but also have equal importance in personal lives as well. What do we see today in the family and social life? In spite of having the good education, people have lots of challenges in life i.e., intolerance, behavioral problem, separation, isolation, etc. where they find it difficult to face all these challenges. Why? Because of communication-gap, they don’t know how to solve their problems. So there is an utmost necessity of Social and Emotional Education along with Academics.

Educational Institutions and Teachers have to nurture our new generation accordingly, to help them solve the problems, collaborate well and communicate effectively and should know how to use creativity in day-to -day life.

Teachers can help to develop these skills in every type of school and college and in students of every background through systematic teaching, modeling, and facilitate students’ application of these skills to daily life, and establishing caring and highly engaging classroom and creating positive learning environments. More than two decades of research document that well-designed, effectively implemented social and emotional skill programs enhance students’ social and emotional skills, self-esteem, bonding to school, classroom behavior, and academic achievement; and reduce disruptive classroom behavior, aggression, and bullying.

It is seen that in Educational Institutions where Social and Emotional education is given along with academics to the students, they are creating good students and helping in understanding values of life. Students are productive, creative and doing well in career and life.

Educational Institutions should help students in nurturing the following:-

  • Self-awareness: Recognizing one’s emotions and thoughts and their influence on behavior can be learned through self-awareness. Let students do their SWOT analysis at regular intervals to help them keep track of their own progress; it will give them a lot of confidence and encourage them to perform better in studies and personal life.
  • Self-management: Regulating thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in different situations and being able to set and achieve personal and academic goals. They can be trained on how to manage their day to day issues appropriately without losing valuable time.
  • Social awareness: Taking the perspective of and empathizing with others from diverse backgrounds. Organizing Social welfare events through NGOs or floating such type of activities during their academic break, so students can connect with social need and develop an empathetic approach towards self and others.
  • Relationship-skills: Establishing and maintaining constructive relationships with diverse individuals and groups through the small and medium type of formative group project, so they can come together and understand the value of togetherness, healthy relations, tolerance, team work, cohesiveness, respect for each other, understanding emotional needs etc.
  • Responsible Decision- making: Making ethical and respectful choices about personal behavior and social interactions is possible if we give them an opportunity to work in different situations and understand how to take appropriate decisions according to circumstances at the time. Students are capable enough to take decisions provided we give them some challenges to enhance their decision-making ability.
  • Creative-Thinking: Creative thinking is a higher order of thinking skill, that helps any individual to think out of the box and create a new aura of possibilities of the solution to the problem.

When Educational Institutions are creating students of tomorrow, every stakeholder needs to think individually and collectively with his/her group and the society at large how we can nurture learners to solve problems, collaborate with each other, communicate well and how to utilize creativity to achieve SUCCESS in life. Institutes which have been doing this are more popular with Students and Society.

Dr. Yasin GM Sheikh

About Dr. Yasin GM Sheikh

Dr. Yasin GM Sheikh is presently working as Director, Training, Global Education Ltd. His areas of expertise are Training, Employability skills, Life and soft skills.

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  1. Prachi Sasankar says:

    R/s Sir,

    Very well said. Its true in every sense. Need to educate teachers in this direction.

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