Environment Day – A Day of Freedom?

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The alarm rang and as usual, I took no longer than 20 mins(too long indeed) 😉  to get up from the bed. Well, a fine Sunday morning… The rays of the Sun had made the sky lookShinny and the cool Light Blue shade, which is my favorite, covered the whole sky. After getting fresh, I walked towards the garden.

As I stepped on the grass, I felt a wet sensation on my feet. It might have drizzled in the night. It is a great feeling to experience the cool raindrops caught in the grass.

The pleasant fragrance made me sway right to the corner where the roses had just bloomed after a long dark, night. The Dew drops on the green leaves caught my sight. I kept admiring the beauty of this little beautiful biosphere.

Suddenly, a little bird caught my eyes.  A pigeon it was… It sat on a nearby Pole.  Watching birds fly in the sky freely encourages me a lot. It’s their domain – the Vast Blue Domain that Forces no limit to a bird’s flight. It can fly anywhere, it wants to. It has no bondage that stops its wings to fly as high as it wants to. This little pigeon did not keep still on the Pole. It kept flying down, then up again and then in the corner, beside the roses where I stood watching this little creature.

Watching this Pigeon, Merlin passed my thoughts. Merlin is the name of my friend’s Pigeon. It has a Combination of Blue and Dark Grey colors, which is Quiet rarely seen in these birds. It is very beautiful.

In spite of its beauty, sometimes, it feels that it wants to convey something, something that a human is unable to understand, in fact, something that a human never wants to understand.  Its eyes always search for SOMETHING.  SOMETHING is missing.

It keeps searching for that vast domain. It keeps searching for its Home-The Sky.

The grace of a beautiful environment is in letting it be, how it is… Nature Is NATURAL…Nothing Artificial. Why do we forget that we, ourselves are a part of it? Biotic OR Abiotic, all have their roles to play and any kind of human obstacle in its way, can damage it… This Year lets contribute to Nature, by letting it be Natural…..


Environment day – What does it Convey?

Cage the Nature- Does this moral it Lay?

Merlin’s beauty is Caged. Alas, caged by a human….!!

Flying Free, As high it can reach..

Flying free,As Fast it can preach..

Being Trapped, as Lonely it can,

Being Puzzled before the man ..

A humble appeal to the Human Race,

A pity on this false embrace..

Cage a Man, And the entire race Roars..

Cage a Bird, And it takes form of Folklores…..

Those lil Wings when fear to open,

Those lil Hopes then, begin to rotten…

Open the gate of the metal cage..

Let it out of this home of rage…

Will it get to fly freely again?

Will it get to experience the drizzling rain?

Will it get to sing in an open space?

Will it be freed by the human race?

Again, the present year will pass, and again, the calendar will indicate 5th June and again on the same day, a caged bird will keep pleading for its FREEDOM……


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