EDUCATED GIRL – A Superfluous personality or Key Player?

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A great proverb says “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if educate a woman you educate a family i.e. a nation”. But how many people in India genuinely follow this proverb? A mere 50% follow it, rest are still narrow-minded and think education is not meant for girls. ‘Girls are only supposed to do household chores, look after their family and take no interest in the latest affairs going on in the society and world’ is the thinking of many backward people around us. Nowadays girls are moving ahead with great success in each and every field, be it wrestling or going to outer space. Girls are standing head to head with boys in every field and becoming an inspiration and key players for the society. Some people think that educated girls are a superfluous personality for the society i.e. they serve no useful purpose.

Education is our third eye. It is very difficult to survive in today’s world without education, then why should girls be deprived of the education? Yes, she is a girl, so studying till S.S.C or H.S.C is enough for her is what people think. But they should be given higher education to live a successful life in this competitive world without being dependent on anyone. Providing education to girls will help to bring out their talent in different fields, to face challenges in their life without the support of anyone, to handle different situations arising in the family and in the society by taking right decisions.

From household chores to their position in the society, she can handle it very well and balance her life in a very systematic matter. Just a change is needed in the thinking of people in India. It is not that Indian people aren’t giving education to girls, just people are hesitating to give higher education to girls because they feel girls have studied enough and now it is the time for her marriage and put an end to her dreams.The dreams of a girl to fly high, get higher education and be independent is just enclosed in the four walls of their house.

So this thinking has to be changed by and if this is followed by each and every family then I’m sure there would be no illiteracy in India and we will be moving ahead. Our elders have faced a tough life with difficulties so they feel some fields are not meant for girls and girls won’t listen to their elders and walk towards the wrong path, so they hesitate to educate their girl child but once proper education is given to them, they can cross all the hurdles of life with self-confidence and our society can reach a different level. The only thing is that girls need a proper support and motivation from their family members and friends to move ahead without any negative thinking from their side.

The sole purpose of this article is that don’t hesitate to educate girls because of the restrictions of caste and society, as the society is created by us, we are the society itself.

So take an initiative to educate girls for their better future so that she can be a great support to us and our society.

Prof. (Mrs) Reema Karamchandani

About Prof. (Mrs) Reema Karamchandani

Mrs. Reema.V.Karamchandani is an Assistant Professor in Civil Engg Dept, at G H Raisoni Institute of Engg and Management, Jalgaon.

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