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The e-Yantra initiative is sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).  It is organized by IIT Bombay under Department of Computer Science Engineering. There are 300 plus colleges sponsored by IIT Bombay from all over India. We G.H.Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology, Wagholi, Pune is one of them for eLSI Lab. The IIT Bombay has sponsored sufficient robotics kits and accessories modules to us for performing the different hands on it. The students can build their prototype of the project using this robotics kits.  There are different types of robotic kits and other accessories modules.

They provided Task-Based Training to our Faculties at V.I.T. Pune. Our Six faculties have undergone the Mentorship program at V.I.T.  Pune.Thereafter these mentors imparted the training to our students of different departments.  The trained students and mentors attempted the Task-Based Evaluation Program. The e-Yantra Team from IIT Bombay used to give the tasks with a dead line. Our students and mentors used to write the Test code for the same tasks before deadline and same software code were uploaded to e-Yantra website. We set up the e-Yantra Lab under Mechatronics Lab in Mechanical Department. The e-Yantra lab is well equipped with computing facilities, robotics Kits, testing kit, and others modules accessories and required materials.

There are different skill improvement programs under e-Yantra initiative

  1. Lab Setup Initiative: – eLSI Lab.
  2. Robotics Competition- e-Yantra Competition.
  • e-Yantra Symposium.
  1. e-Yantra Idea Competition.
  2. e-Yantra Farm Setup Initiative:-eFSI.
  3. Create Content initiative:-eYRDC.

 We received lot of ideas from our students. We shortlisted two potential ideas in eLSI Lab. at G.H.Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology, Wagholi, Pune   Our two teams of students had applied their idea for e-Yantra Project Competition. Out of these two ideas, one project idea was shortlisted from e-Yantra Team from IIT Bombay.  The e-Yantra team informed our students to make a prototype of the same idea and upload the same video on youtube link. Our students made the prototype on the robotic project and uploaded the same for e-Yantra Project Competition 2017. The e-Yantra evaluation team at IITB Mumbai suggested some demonstrable modification and informs the students to modify the same idea and present in e-Yantra Competition 2018. Our students are going to implement the modification on a same project idea.

Our e-Yantra college team members at our eLSI Lab are:

  1. Amit Parmar.                T.E (E&TC.)
  2. Yogesh Sul.                 S.E. (Elect.)
  • Shashank Sidha. T.E(I.T.)
  1. Yusuf Pathan.                 S.E. (Elect.)
  2. Rana Pratap Singh. T.E. (E&TC)

The Faculty mentors for e-Yantra college Teams at eLSI Lab are:

  1. P. K. Dhuthekar Mechanical Department.
  2. A. M. Bongale  E&TC Department.
  • V. B. Patil,  Mechanical Department.
  1. G. V. Lakhekar Electrical Department.
  2. P. D. Khambre Computer Department.
  3. C. S. Choudhari E&TC Department.

Our faculties and students registered for “e-Yantra Symposium 2017” for participating at IIT Bombay. Prof A.M. Bongale and Prof. V.G. Patil from E&TC department and Mechanical department respectively attended the two days Symposium 2017 on 7th and 8th April 2017 at IIT Bombay.  The symposium 2017 was really enriched in technical knowledge, Mentorship building, innovating idea, solving the surrounding live problem, making prototype within low cost. The same knowledge will be definitely imparted to our students at GHRIET., Pune. We have formed ROBO Club to perform different project activity under eLSI lab at GHRET, Pune,.

Prof. A. M. Bongale is going to take part in video lecture and content development under eYRDC project from our eLSI lab. We are conducting different lecture series for students to develop the technical skill in the e-Yantra domain.

We are really thankful to our principal Dr. R. D. Kharadkar as well as management for showing faith on us and motivating us to take part in Symposium 2017 at IIT Bombay.

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