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On one sunny Sunday Morning we all family members, were enjoying our coffee sitting on the balcony, my daughter came to me and we started a conversation where she recalled an incident in her college where one professor told all the students in her class that, nowadays creativity has become one of the important skill required in an individual. And she further carried on the discussion asking me a question “…mummy, when was the last time you did something creative and innovative for your students or for yourself?” and how one can inculcate this particular creativity as a skill.

    Since childhood, I always admired people who are Creative.  I still recall how my science teacher used to teach us the concepts of science outside the classroom in the field which at that time makes it easy to grasp, his tactics were simple but yet creative. We all are aware that, Creativity is the ultimate skill of mankind, and above that, putting Creative ideas in action makes it an Innovation, whose consequences should always be positive.

    We are always in the process of finding something.  The more we start discovering, the more we learn, and in order to do so, one needs to trigger the Creativity amongst oneself.  I always believe that it is so hard when you have to and so easy when you want to.  The only difference is that formerly is by force and the latter is from within.  When it is from within we enjoy the process of doing, and work is no more a burden, it is like the more you work the more energy you generate.

    So if you desire to be more creative, you will have to develop certain Creative habits.

  1. Reframe –

We need to change the focus of perspective of a situation in a new or different way.  To look at the present, or think of (beliefs, ideas, relationship, etc) differently or saying, let’s look at it another way. We need to challenge the beliefs and/or the aspects of the frame. You need to stand in another frame and describe what you see and that by changing the attributes of the frame by changing your thinking.  Like while looking at a problem as an opportunity, treat your weakness as strength, a distance possibilities as near possibilities.

    Try to reframe yourself from the organization’s view point, where you are working.  Know the expectation of your employer from you.  The expectation of the customer from the organization and for this we need to change our perspective and perception equally well and better thus to reframe yourself.

  1. Advance –

Move forward in a purposeful way for development or improvement of the organization as a whole and you as an individual.  As an individual, we need to update and upgrade our knowledge, keep pace with the rapidly changing technology and accept and adopt the changes around.

  1. Inquire –

Question everything; try to seek information by questioning.  When we investigate, we increase our curiosity. We need to understand where our knowledge is applicable or become useful. Unless we inquire we cannot develop and insight needed to become creative. Be mindful, by concentrating and focusing on whatever you are doing.

  1. Sell –

You should be able to sell the best of your ideas to your boss, your customers.  You will have to sell keeping in mind from the buyers’ perspective. Convey them the benefits they are going to derive from. We need to make Creativity our habit.

  1. Optimism –

There are a hundred ways to solve a problem, find out that develop a tendency to look on the more favorable side of event or conditions prevailing in the organization anticipate the most favorable outcome.  It is always true that the good ultimately predominates over the evil in the world.  Be a solution focused person, who always thinks the best possible thing will happen and hopes for it even if it’s not likely.

  1. Network –

As said ‘Network to increase your Net-worth’. If you are not networking than you are not working. Co-create in order to jointly produce a mutually produced outcome. Interact with other to exchange information and develop professionally as social contacts.  The benefits of networking extend to nearly every aspect of your life if done right.  Treat networking as a virtuous circle.  This helps you to generate new ideas and perhaps adopt other people’s innovations to your own business.

  1. Invigorate –

Revitalize, energize, and rejuvenate the environment around you.  Be it the organization you are working in or at home.  Always have the enthusiasm and drive to motivate others and bring the best out of them.

 Creativity is just connecting the dots by changing our angle to look at a particular situation arising during our work or at home, we should keep challenging ourselves to think better, do better and be better, shape things up. Confront your limitations broaden your scope of thinking. Just do whatever you like and whatever you enjoy doing. This will give you the satisfaction you want to derive and will encourage you to put in more efforts and always do things in a different way.

As Shiv Khera has rightly said that, “I don’t do different things but I do things differently. This really makes sense, just keep innovating. Innovate at work, at home, in your relationship. Be creative and innovative in the way you live your life. How you look at the world also matters here. Always accept and accept to the change. Resistant to change is to become stagnant which means you begin to die. This can be proved by we know that flowing river is always known for its force energy, has its own beauty and purity. Whereas stagnant water creates more of bacteria which causes harm to the environment around, thereby causing harm to the health of mankind.

So growth, evaluation, and reinvention sustain life. There is no fun in being the same person today that you were yesterday. That’s just an illusion that ends up breaking your heart when you get to the end of your life and realize that you missed out on living it boldly. Companies that don’t innovate are not creative in their approach don’t survive, so the key is driving this innovation.

I could say that being creative is not a destination rather it’s the journey and the Innovations are the milestones we put along with it, and oh! when you put it all together it comes to R-A-I-S-O-N-I, isn’t it obvious?

Dr. Pallavi Mandavgade

About Dr. Pallavi Mandavgade

Dr. Pallavi Mandaogade is currently working as Director, G H Raisoni Institute of Management Studies, Amravati. She can be contacted on

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