Can Student opt for Minority Professional College?

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Every year when the admission process of professional colleges begins parents and students (of both non-minority& minority categories) become curious about the admissions in minority colleges. They want to know about many aspects of minority colleges which include minority colleges in their nearby region, the recognition of minority colleges, the quality of academics in these colleges, admission processes for these colleges.

The article attempts to answer the queries of stakeholders in this regards.

Minority Educational Institution means an Institution established and administered by a minority, have the right to do so under the clause of Article 30 of the Constitution.

The government of India has awarded the minority status to some educational trusts, societies, and colleges. The prime objective of granting minority status is to empower the minority category students and to offer them opportunities of education. The government follows the structured procedure for granting the minority status. Minority colleges are two major categories viz. Religious and Linguistic. Religious minority includes Jain, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Zoroastrians (Parsis).Linguistic minority status is normally granted on the basis of the minority language.A minority language is a language spoken by a minority of the population of a territory. Such people are termed linguistic minorities or language minorities.

According to the 38th report of National Commission of Linguistic Minority (NCLM) “In each state, there is a language which is spoken by the majority of the residents of that state. All others who do not speak that language belong to a linguistic minority.” In Maharashtra Hindi linguistic minority colleges exist.Both Religious& Linguistic Minority colleges can admit the nonminority as well as minority category students. As per present admission guidelines of Maharashtra  State CET Cell, the minority engineering colleges and polytechnics are allowed to admit 51% minority students and 49% nonminority (i.e. open & reserved category )students. Thus minority colleges have both nonminority as well as minority category students which offer diversity for the overall growth of students.

As far as the academics is considered Minority Colleges are at par the other nonminority colleges. Like nonminority colleges, minority colleges are also affiliated to the Universities and recognized by AICTE & Govt. of Maharashtra. Minority colleges follow the same University curriculum and examination system as that is used for nonminority colleges. Minority colleges need not depute only minority faculty. This allows minority colleges to select competent faculty as per the merit, which in turn assures the quality of education.Academics of Minority College are at par with nonminority colleges.

Also, many minority colleges are doing well and their students secure top ranks in the Universities and Boards as well as get good placements.

The admission process of engineering programs in Colleges and Polytechnics has been started. For CAP Round I & II, both nonminority and minority category students can consider the minority colleges in their neighboring region and give the appropriate option for admission. As admissions are merit based, the nonminority category students can get admissions in minority colleges.

Also, the vacant seats (if any) in minority quota are made available to nonminority students in CAP round III round.

Minority admission quota of linguistic minority (Hindi) colleges is reserved for the students who belong to linguistic Hindi minority family having mother tongue “Hindi”.  The student has to give an affidavit in this regard and complete the enrollment process as prescribed by Commissioner and Competent authority Maharashtra State CET Cell. The detailed procedure for minority admission is available on the admission portal of Maharashtra State CET Cell, Mumbai. Also, the student can get more information by contacting the College.


Dr. R.D. Kharadkar

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Dr. R.D. Kharadkar is the Principal at G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology, Pune.

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