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Paradigm Shift In Education


In present Indian educational system, which is third largest after China and USA, one question consistently popped out from everyone’s mind that whether the current educational scenario is compatible to fulfill the aspiration of students & parent and will it be capable of confronting an unknown future? What should be the purpose of education?  Just to have an exemplary job and earn a 7 figure salary gathering wealth upon it or it should be the novice way to impart knowledge and character to students in such a negative world so that they can be deciphered into a responsible citizen and spare their share in the development of the country. Every educational institution claiming to serve the required qualities needed to excel in their corresponding fields but the inefficiency of educational scenario is clearly visible. India is the country where some parents spends life saving and take loans putting their properties mortgaged, in spite of that not getting a standard quality education is a matter of shame.

The education our teachers are imparting is purely scheduled and syllabus based where teachers and students don’t get enough space for experimentation. They have to stick to what board or universities have told them to do. Both the entities i.e. teacher and student roam around under stress to finish the syllabus or curriculum in given time period. Every student is tirelessly running to acquire a Degree anyhow and jump into a neck to neck competition of getting a job. The education they are absorbing only telling them to go for higher percentage putting quality at stake. Only revolving around numbers they are forgetting that education is to show the path of success in life.

What is happening in current trend is just memorization of words and lines which are far away from understanding. Students are told to write the answer but not to understand the question asked and that’s where we are fundamentally wrong. If a teacher teaching in class and students doesn’t asks a counter question that reciprocate only two things either whole class understand everything or they understand nothing. Another aspect is, of reservation which is widening the gap between merit-based and reservation based education and ultimately damaging the quality of education.

Allowing uncontrolled mushrooming of private school, universities and colleges is not going to change this devastating situation. The time has come to redefine educational focus, purpose and viabilities for its effectiveness in the coming future and that is only possible through acquiring a sense of creativity and soundness of mind. In this process the two important factor i.e. Parent and State which are directly or indirectly connected, needs to be taken into consideration. The knowledge shouldn’t be a degradable commodity. It needs to be updated simultaneously with time only then education can be used to face challenges of time.

The scheduled educational program needs to be accompanied with creative skilled development program which seems to be the only way to acquired and update knowledge. The importance of training program shouldn’t be undermined. The profession of teacher is associated with low self-esteem such as if a person couldn’t make anything from another profession then teaching is a final destination. This mindset needs to change through helping in unleashing potential among people in teaching profession making them believe that they are doing an excellent job in the world and letting them know that teacher is a profession which makes another profession.

The time has come to look for new avenues for effective education with respective all, imparting new life skills. The unsatisfactory and absurd way of education need to revamp and make it more fun filled experience. We need to regard educational system which has the capability to execute the task and work with the potential to excel in the common effort of common people. What, how and why must strike every student brain initiating a thought process emphasizing to think deeper about every aspect not to just earn good CGPA but to understand thoroughly.

The utmost aim of education is to impart the way to live life by developing high rank of intelligence which can deal with reality and be ready for consequences. They need to teach a segregated conceptual thinking process which had leads many discoveries in past and think upon necessities and draw their way, a way how to think rather what to think.

Creative Values For Empowering Nation


Creativity is a higher order of thinking in the process of developing cognitive and co-scholastic aspects of individuals. Creativity has a significant role to play in the overall development of individuals and society. There is a common understanding about creativity i.e. thinking out of the box and doing something new. Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing. We should be able to edify ourselves about Creative values.

It’s seen in general, that people have a very casual approach towards Creativity, sometimes because of lethargic behavior, procrastination habits; they do not want to apply thoughts beyond certain limits; they don’t have experience of seeing any worth in it, not having tasted the fruits of creativity, they don’t see many people around who apply creativity, probably having difficulty in perceiving creativity in life, it’s so common a word, likely that it must have lost the glory of its actual value. We don’t have so open culture to appreciate and acknowledge creativity etc. The reason may be anything for having a casual approach towards creativity.

One day I was thinking about, why some of the nations like US, JAPAN, CHINA, USSR, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA and so many in lists are referred to as very developed nations? What do they do that we don’t? What is the difference between them and us? Then why we are called an underdeveloped or a developing nation? That too I’ve been hearing since my childhood, almost five decades back. How long are we going to call ourselves a developing nation? No answer for it. But certainly, there is an answer for those nations, who are referred to as the most developed nations. Why? One of the prominent answers to this is Creativity. “Creativity?” Yes … Creativity.
Creativity means … innovation, inventions, ingenious, research, originality, exploration, finding new ways of doing things, probing to see the unseen, investigative, creating something from nothing, Resourcefulness. All above nations have given tremendous value to creativity and yielding the fruits.Name, Fame, Money, Recognition, Reputation, Respect, Power, Control, Self-esteem, Character as a strong nation, Freedom, Pride, n what have you. They enjoy everything and it reflects on their progress. It’s become a way of life.They are able to rule the world, became an inspiration for many other nations.

How to enhance creative values?

Thinking out of the box:

Majority of people think normally without giving much stress on ideation of thoughts. And give – up the thought before it reaches or becomes a creative thought, might be because of the conventional habit of thinking. Thoughts are very uncontrollable by nature. Any time any thought may come and go. We have to think consciously and with some purpose in mind to create something new, innovative, and non-conventional. Extending the thought a little bit more than the normal leads to out of the box thinking, Ideation has tremendous power of imagination and creation. Keep on ideating. it helps to generate new, innovative, productive, solution-oriented, and elucidating thoughts. Everyone has the potential to imagine but very few of us utilize it.

Majority of people think normally without giving much stress on ideation of thoughts. And give – up the thought before it reaches or becomes a creative thought, might be because of the conventional habit of thinking. Thoughts are very uncontrollable by nature. Any time any thought may come and go. We have to think consciously and with some purpose in mind to create something new, innovative, and non-conventional. Extending the thought a little bit more than the normal leads to out of the box thinking, Ideation has tremendous power of imagination and creation. Keep on ideating. it helps to generate new, innovative, productive, solution-oriented, and elucidating thoughts. Everyone has the potential to imagine but very few of us utilize it.

Thinking Positive:

Positive thinking is the most important component of creating something good for self and society. Utilizing creative values or valuable thoughts for the progress of common man is possible only when we have positivity in thinking, negative thoughts spoil your potential to think and imagine and don’t help you to generate new thoughts in mind; create hurdles and lead to give-up or stop thinking beyond some point. Don’t see any worth in thinking further, this is because of a prejudiced attitude.

Ready to Accept Criticism:

This requires a lot of courage and self-confidence. People surrender to criticism very easily; they do not want to become a victim of any rejection because of over self-consciousness. Creativity demands ability to accept criticism which we have to learn with time. It’s a tendency of human beings; we don’t like criticism by others; start thinking negatively and lose our confidence. Once we start accepting critics it will certainly help in thinking creatively, constructively, openly and very positively.


Blinkered thinking leads to the narrow vision of our own thoughts, we feel contented and safe in our comfort zone and fail to see the benefits of other aspects and opportunities that come our way. Creativity demands a broad-minded attitude and freedom of thoughts. We need to practice open-mindedness to accept new ideas which are beneficial to mankind and change is an indication of dogmatic thinking.

Acceptance of Failure:

Failure is the most perilous word in our society and day to day life; we carry fear in mind about failure. Failure is considered something wrong, erroneous kind of thing right from our childhood till adulthood. The kind of advancement we experience in our day to day life is the product of failure. Failure is the first step toward achieving great success. “FAIL means the first attempt in learning”, stated Dr.APJKalam. Much of creativity emerges from failure in attempting for the first time. Acceptance of failure is a step ahead for success, so no need to feel bad about failure in life; we need to take it very positively.

Learn to take Risk:

Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. You have to be willing to take risks and progress through discomfort to get to the finish line. We need to explore the unexplored path to create something valuable.

Creativity begins with a foundation of knowledge, learning a discipline, and mastering a way of thinking. You can learn to be creative by experimenting, exploring, questioning assumptions, using imagination and synthesizing information.

Ex.President of India and Great scientist, Late Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam used to say and made us learn “Learning gives Creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, and Knowledge makes you great.” Creativity has an incredible capacity to make any individual, community, society and nation very great. We must help each other to be creative. God is great and has given enormous potential to every individual. Unbelievable potentials, But very few realizes and utilize it. A majority of us waste our potential and talent and undermine ourselves. Those who utilize their potentials move ahead and achieve in personal life and contribute to the development of community, society, and nation. But those who are not using their creative potentials are grudging themselves and are not able to contribute anything and remain a part of the non-achievers. If you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.

The Polymath: A new breed of professionals


The world is moving fast with the growing era of technology and so is India. To this technological spree, there is an addition of a new dimension termed as the polymath. A dimension which is not limited to any particular skillset. Who are these Polymath? Is this some kind of professional certification course? Let’s go through dictionary; “a person who knows about everything” is what dictionary says. It’s not a certification course nor is a god-gifted ability. It’s an attitude, it’s an eagerness, it’s a constant apt to know more, know better than other. Why there is the need for you to be a Polymath.

Like said earlier, the world is moving fast, there is no point in getting stuck at one point. You need to be a constant and fast learner of the things. Let’s take an example; you get the degree in MBA in finance but you end up working with a marketing firm, OR a mechanical engineer in an IT firm. And that’s the reality, you can never give excuses like ” No I can’t do this, I have never learned this thing ever in my life”. Even in business, if you didn’t learn what is coming in near future and just happy for what you are getting out of it, is fine; you might soon be out of the race. “Life is a race…….” the famous Prof. Virus case rightly says. There is no value for an average guy. Be the jack of all trades and master few of it. Mastering just one trade gives you no value in today’s world unless you are exceptionally talented for that trade.

Today’s world is like T20 cricket. If you are a batsman who can bowl Or a Bowler who can bat as well; gets to pick for the team. But if you are just a batsman or a bowler then you must be exceptionally talented to get the pick for the team. There is no value for the average guy. Learn to adopt or else get extinct. Darwin’s theory of evaluation has become a universal theory. “Survival of the fittest” applies everywhere.

To be successful in whatever career you choose; you have to possess exceptional mentality and skills; which you not necessarily get only through education. But, only a small percentage of the crowd will fall in that bracket as it requires: the ability to foresee opportunities while others are complaining, the ability to reskill, the ability to market and the ability to execute.
Do YOU belong to that minority? Or do YOU wish to be part of the complaining majority?

Need of Social and Emotional Education along with Academics


In the 21st century, every Student-right from School to College is preparing to face Challenges of Career and Life. Academically s/he seems to be ok, but finds difficulties in facing challenges of life and career. It’s very essential to equip each of them with the proper Social, Emotional and Educational Learning-skills which lay a strong foundation to help the future citizen play different roles in life as a good student, friend, family member, citizen and worker of tomorrow.

The workplace today, demands people, who are creative and able to solve problems, connect and collaborate with others and have good communication skills. People who cannot establish a rapport with colleagues and the general public remain isolated. This might lead to many issues and problems in their personal and professional lives. These are the people who struggle and find it difficult to be tolerated by others. It leads to anxiety, depression, nervousness, fear, and awkwardness.

A Person with good communication skills, that help in expressing his/her thoughts and feelings, and has a better understanding is easily accepted whereas lack of good communication skill results in   miscommunication and misunderstanding leading to a lot of problems.

Abilities to solve problems and collaborate; effective communication and creative thinking are not only applicable at the workplace but also have equal importance in personal lives as well. What do we see today in the family and social life? In spite of having the good education, people have lots of challenges in life i.e., intolerance, behavioral problem, separation, isolation, etc. where they find it difficult to face all these challenges. Why? Because of communication-gap, they don’t know how to solve their problems. So there is an utmost necessity of Social and Emotional Education along with Academics.

Educational Institutions and Teachers have to nurture our new generation accordingly, to help them solve the problems, collaborate well and communicate effectively and should know how to use creativity in day-to -day life.

Teachers can help to develop these skills in every type of school and college and in students of every background through systematic teaching, modeling, and facilitate students’ application of these skills to daily life, and establishing caring and highly engaging classroom and creating positive learning environments. More than two decades of research document that well-designed, effectively implemented social and emotional skill programs enhance students’ social and emotional skills, self-esteem, bonding to school, classroom behavior, and academic achievement; and reduce disruptive classroom behavior, aggression, and bullying.

It is seen that in Educational Institutions where Social and Emotional education is given along with academics to the students, they are creating good students and helping in understanding values of life. Students are productive, creative and doing well in career and life.

Educational Institutions should help students in nurturing the following:-

  • Self-awareness: Recognizing one’s emotions and thoughts and their influence on behavior can be learned through self-awareness. Let students do their SWOT analysis at regular intervals to help them keep track of their own progress; it will give them a lot of confidence and encourage them to perform better in studies and personal life.
  • Self-management: Regulating thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in different situations and being able to set and achieve personal and academic goals. They can be trained on how to manage their day to day issues appropriately without losing valuable time.
  • Social awareness: Taking the perspective of and empathizing with others from diverse backgrounds. Organizing Social welfare events through NGOs or floating such type of activities during their academic break, so students can connect with social need and develop an empathetic approach towards self and others.
  • Relationship-skills: Establishing and maintaining constructive relationships with diverse individuals and groups through the small and medium type of formative group project, so they can come together and understand the value of togetherness, healthy relations, tolerance, team work, cohesiveness, respect for each other, understanding emotional needs etc.
  • Responsible Decision- making: Making ethical and respectful choices about personal behavior and social interactions is possible if we give them an opportunity to work in different situations and understand how to take appropriate decisions according to circumstances at the time. Students are capable enough to take decisions provided we give them some challenges to enhance their decision-making ability.
  • Creative-Thinking: Creative thinking is a higher order of thinking skill, that helps any individual to think out of the box and create a new aura of possibilities of the solution to the problem.

When Educational Institutions are creating students of tomorrow, every stakeholder needs to think individually and collectively with his/her group and the society at large how we can nurture learners to solve problems, collaborate with each other, communicate well and how to utilize creativity to achieve SUCCESS in life. Institutes which have been doing this are more popular with Students and Society.

Impact of Social Networking Sites on Society


         I have accounts on several social networking sites and spend far too long on them writing my own updates and reading the updates of others. I enjoy doing so, being able to interact with friends, family, and random strangers online in a controlled environment. For someone who works at home, this is a big positive.

However, social networking sites aren’t a wholly positive influence on the world. In fact, if you delve just a little into how they have changed the world you find there are some potentially negative impacts social networking sites are having on society as a whole and each of us as individuals.

Social networking is a topic that divides opinion – some people think it’s an amazing tool but others are worried about the impact it has on people’s lives.

From students to journalists, One Direction to the Prime Minister – lots of people uses social media sites for both work and pleasure. Social networking has lots of good points:

  1. You can express yourself, showing off your favorite song lyrics or posting pictures of your new outfit. It is a lot harder to feel embarrassment over the internet than in person so people find it easier to vent their feelings on sites like Facebook.
  2. In fact, it has become so much a part of people’s lives that you can learn someone’s life story just by checking their page. Their friends, likes and dislikes, relationship status, phone number, address…everything.
  3. You can share your feelings and your mental stresses – and it is a great way to entertain yourself after a busy daily routine.
  4. It also makes it a lot easier to keep in touch with family and friends, especially if they live far away. But you can also make new friends by connecting with friends of friends that you might not know.

Not everyone in the 21st century thinks about the negative effects of having social networking accounts – but simple things like not setting your privacy settings properly or liking someone’s photo can have bad results.

  1. Cyber bullying can be a problem as people can take advantage of the fact that there is no one who can effectively stop the bullying when it happens, due to everything being performed behind a screen. The only way for a bully to be stopped is if they are reported and victims may be too intimidated to do it.
  2. Social networking can also ruin relationships as people may get jealous if they find out their boyfriend or girlfriend is exchanging messages with other people.
  3. It can also be a waste of time as people can visit a site to check on the thing and end up spending the whole day ‘behind the screen’ and as a result, not doing anything useful with their lives.