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Signal Processing for Internet of Things (IOT)

The benefits of the Internet of Things (IOT) are almost unlimited. The IOT applications are changing the way we work and live by saving time and resources. IOT opens new opportunities for growth, innovation and knowledge creation.

The Analysis and predictions of Gartner, a world’s leading research and advisory company confirms that IOT is at the peak of the hype cycle of dominant technology in coming years. As the world of IOT evolves, there is a need for cost-effective, power-optimized and intelligent signal processing algorithms and systems. The performances of the algorithms play a vital role in the overall system design and in terms, it has certain limitations on the IOT applications. Hence it is a need to develop smarter signal processing and analysis algorithms to recover data from noisy real-world signals.

Open Research Challenges:

In the IOT environment, a variety of things/objects are connected through wireless and wired connections and unique addressing schemes are able to interact with each other and cooperate with other things/objects to create new applications/services and reach common goals.  In this context the research and development challenges to create a smart world are enormous. A world where the real, digital and the virtual are converging to create the smart environment that makes energy, transportation, cities and many other areas more intelligent. The goal of the Internet of Things is to enable things to be connected anytime, anyplace, with anything, anyone ideally using any path/network and any service. Internet of Things is a new revolution on the Internet. Objects make themselves recognizable and they obtain intelligence by making or enabling context related decisions, thanks to the fact that they can communicate information about themselves and they can access information that has been aggregated by other things.

The wave of Internet of Things was initiated with connecting the personified applications and later in the second wave of IOT all industrial applications are interconnected. The third generation emphasizes on the Internet of Every Thing.


The number of devices connected to the internet is increasing day by day, it is a prediction that by 2020, 50 Billion devices will be connected and will have 6.58 connected devices per person.


Table 1 Present and Future of IOT

Year 2003 2010 2015 2020
World Population 6.3 Billion 6.8 Billion 7.2 Billion 7.6 Billion
Connected devices 500 Million 12.5 Million 25 Billion 50 Billion
Connected devices per person 0.03 1.84 3.47 6.58


New research domains and directions in the field are needed in the application domains like

  1. Smart and green building
  2. Networked Healthcare
  3. Smart cities
  4. Agriculture
  5. Smart Power grid
  6. Water Monitoring and Management
  7. Forest and Wildlife
  8. Industry 4.0

The Signal Processing algorithms need robust information sensing capabilities from complex and adverse environments using huge sensors connected and distributed signal processing. The challenges are faced in low-power situation data transmission and processing, another challenge faced is insecurity and maintaining the privacy while processing of information shared by connected things in Industry Internet of Things (IIOT).

Hard to ban, harder to dispose!!


Mumbai Flood

Much of the blame for unpreparedness of Indian cities to deal with natural hazards is put on municipal corporations. While most of the municipalities have been shamefully negligent of their duties, they alone cannot be blamed. The planning and development authorities are under the state governments (urban planning is a state subject). As a result, those who plan the cities have no accountability and those who are elected have no authority. While globally, cities are driving responses to deal with climate change, devolution of power to the city mayor and municipalities remain a mere formality. It’s time that environment and disaster management are mainstreamed into the urban planning process.

The Millennial Minds

India boasts of a huge youth population compared to any of western countries. This growing millennial generation has its own challenges.

 With the advent of the technology in general and the internet, in particular, has created a glut of information at a very early stage. With a plethora of choices and a dearth of experience the youth tend to take decisions which are impulsive but not balanced. Need for instant gratification, competition, western influence from media has led the youth to be very purpose oriented. An urge to achieve early in life leads to a convergent choice of education streams. Throughout this educational stint, they tend to have a superficial connect with subject domain and that gives rise to one of the primary issues of not being trust worthy,  as industry chooses to define this category. Lack of emotional nerve and insensitiveness to people around, they tend to build their social networks on a need to know basis. In the initial years of their professional stint, this doesn’t cause problems but later tends to give rise to lack of conviction in a team environment, the hesitation of superiors to suggest/provide referrals for appraisals. So bridging the gap between the economic aspirations and reality of the youth is of paramount importance. The most important point here is that young people believe in a brighter future and it is up to us to afford them that opportunity.

Citi Foundation’s ‘pathway to progress’ initiative supports programs that help the youth ages 16-24 build an entrepreneurial mindset, acquire leadership,  and workplace skills.

So social and philanthropic organizations in collaboration with Industry should come forward to serve as mentors coaches and provide professional advice to help the youth move towards their career goals.

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The Artistic Ways…

Art is a Universal Language. Art needs no word to get communicated. Art flaunts itself.

From my childhood, I have been interested in Art. I love to draw. I have learnt various types of art such as “Pen and Ink”.  It’s a Painting that is done using both the hands simultaneously. Rock painting is a style that Emphasizes Art on a Rock. This style shows a lot of creativity. Glass painting, as the name says, is done on a glass. It needs patience and creativity, so that your thoughts can be painted on the glass beautifully.

Art is not only seen on a paper or a material. Art is something that we do daily.

Here, I show a work of my creation.

This painting depicts the beauty of nature. It is done using Water Colors. It speaks about the various Colors, the nature holds. It can be seen that, there are so many shades in green, alone, that fills in the beauty to the plants. Shades of pink and purple convey the message that spring season has already peeped in.Lastly, I would like to quote few lines of:

Thomas Merton-“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

The Moving Hands

Have you ever seen a 14yr old earn a Brown belt in Shotokan?

Well, I am a State Level Gold Medalist in Kumite. The walls of superstitions can never stop me. “A girl can’t play martial arts”, has been a thinking of millions of heads around. I believe a girl should stand out of the crowd.  She must be different.

My journey in being a KARATEKA (A person who does Karate) has been a see-saw ride.

I began practicing Kata when I was 10yrs old. Kata is a pattern of movements. I won many fights in it and eventually, started practicing Kumite in 2006, at the age of 11yrs. I used to represent my school in various championships and bring honor to my parents. The love of karate was instilled in me by my mother who was a sportsperson in her college days. She has always supported me for what I love to do.

Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan, Heian Godan ,etc are some of the Katas.  I think, a girl can seem graceful in whatever she does confidently. I am confident in my love towards karate .

Mae-ashi (mawashi geri) (Front roundhouse kick with front leg), Mae geri (Front kick), Kin geri (Kick in the groin, performed like front kick but with the feet), etc. are some kicking styles in Kumite. The zeal to practice  Kumite was put in me by my sports sir. He found the confidence in me to compete in the district level, first and the win gold for the state.

This passion of mine took a rest as I passed my school and entered college. It rested for 2yrs. When I joined Sadabai Raisoni Women’s College in 2014, we were asked to actively participate in the Talent Round. For some time I was blank about the talent in me. I had actually forgotten it. I did not participate. Sometime later, I was busy arranging my certificates, when I realized, I own a pile of Karate Certificates. I had to polish my skills. I started to practice it in my holidays. I Started with Kata again.

I planned to beat the level I had reached. I am still practicing it and trying to build up myself. This is my real passion. This is what is love and will surely, beat my own records.

When one decides to achieve something, half of the mission is accomplished. I have the spirit to stand out of the crowd.  And I will!!!

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