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Environment Day – A Day of Freedom?

The alarm rang and as usual, I took no longer than 20 mins(too long indeed) 😉  to get up from the bed. Well, a fine Sunday morning… The rays of the Sun had made the sky lookShinny and the cool Light Blue shade, which is my favorite, covered the whole sky. After getting fresh, I walked towards the garden.

As I stepped on the grass, I felt a wet sensation on my feet. It might have drizzled in the night. It is a great feeling to experience the cool raindrops caught in the grass.

The pleasant fragrance made me sway right to the corner where the roses had just bloomed after a long dark, night. The Dew drops on the green leaves caught my sight. I kept admiring the beauty of this little beautiful biosphere.

Suddenly, a little bird caught my eyes.  A pigeon it was… It sat on a nearby Pole.  Watching birds fly in the sky freely encourages me a lot. It’s their domain – the Vast Blue Domain that Forces no limit to a bird’s flight. It can fly anywhere, it wants to. It has no bondage that stops its wings to fly as high as it wants to. This little pigeon did not keep still on the Pole. It kept flying down, then up again and then in the corner, beside the roses where I stood watching this little creature.

Watching this Pigeon, Merlin passed my thoughts. Merlin is the name of my friend’s Pigeon. It has a Combination of Blue and Dark Grey colors, which is Quiet rarely seen in these birds. It is very beautiful.

In spite of its beauty, sometimes, it feels that it wants to convey something, something that a human is unable to understand, in fact, something that a human never wants to understand.  Its eyes always search for SOMETHING.  SOMETHING is missing.

It keeps searching for that vast domain. It keeps searching for its Home-The Sky.

The grace of a beautiful environment is in letting it be, how it is… Nature Is NATURAL…Nothing Artificial. Why do we forget that we, ourselves are a part of it? Biotic OR Abiotic, all have their roles to play and any kind of human obstacle in its way, can damage it… This Year lets contribute to Nature, by letting it be Natural…..


Environment day – What does it Convey?

Cage the Nature- Does this moral it Lay?

Merlin’s beauty is Caged. Alas, caged by a human….!!

Flying Free, As high it can reach..

Flying free,As Fast it can preach..

Being Trapped, as Lonely it can,

Being Puzzled before the man ..

A humble appeal to the Human Race,

A pity on this false embrace..

Cage a Man, And the entire race Roars..

Cage a Bird, And it takes form of Folklores…..

Those lil Wings when fear to open,

Those lil Hopes then, begin to rotten…

Open the gate of the metal cage..

Let it out of this home of rage…

Will it get to fly freely again?

Will it get to experience the drizzling rain?

Will it get to sing in an open space?

Will it be freed by the human race?

Again, the present year will pass, and again, the calendar will indicate 5th June and again on the same day, a caged bird will keep pleading for its FREEDOM……


Being Raisonian

Being a Raisonian…

Sometimes your dream, when turns into reality, makes you believe to the fact – Yes, this is what I was waiting to happen! Being a student of Sadabai Raisoni Women’s College for 3yrs, made me believe that to rise high in life, Determination is the seed which needs to be sowed to gain rich fruits in the future.

With my journey from being Miss. Fresher 2014 to Miss. Farewell 2017, I have learned a million lessons that will help me achieve my desires.  A Raisonian this tag will be attached to me forever. Being in Raisoni, I got a chance to become a member of Rotaract Club of Nagpur. Participating in Nirmalaya during Ganesh Chaturthi, attending various Personality Development Sessions, Debating all the 3 years around and such situations made me realize how my persona has evolved.

Being at Raisoni, made me AN ACHIEVER in Academics as well. To my surprise, I topped my Fifth Semester (BCA). With proper Guidance from my Teachers and support of Mrs. Amina Vali Ma’am (Principal), I could achieve a lot.

Dhamaal Dandiya is celebrated on a very large scale during Navratri and this is the most awaiting event all the year round. Students from RGI participate in this event and yes, Celebs make the event more enchanting…….

National Student’s Parliament (NSP) is the cherry on top of the Raisoni Cake…Yumm……: P This is something which should be compulsorily attended by everyone to enhance the personalities. Ever thought of an event in your city that amazes you about the knowledge it preaches, wonders it spread, and values it instills? Well, NSP it is…. I bagged the title of Student Speaker this Year! Really felt Proud about it.

Being a student of Sadabai Raisoni Women’s College, makes me feel proud to be a Girl, a Deterministic Girl! This college turns a young Girl to an Independent Lady!  Protection of Women from Various Evil Powers that contain itself in the stories aging from the rude history of women to this modern perception in today’s world needs to be built Stronger. And the urge to change the minds of the society regarding this cruelty gets instilled in the student of SRWC from the very First day of the College due to the Magical Words that are addressed to the Fresher’s.

This experience counts a lot to me in my life. It has given a direction to my career. I have been placed at Global Education Limited and working as an Intern for 3 months. I love to write. My hobby Has already been polished at SRWC and now it is deepening its roots.

My way, My Desires, My Goals and My Achievements, I Am Strong Enough To Choose My OWN DESTINATION………..

Thank You!

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The e-Yantra initiative is sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).  It is organized by IIT Bombay under Department of Computer Science Engineering. There are 300 plus colleges sponsored by IIT Bombay from all over India. We G.H.Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology, Wagholi, Pune is one of them for eLSI Lab. The IIT Bombay has sponsored sufficient robotics kits and accessories modules to us for performing the different hands on it. The students can build their prototype of the project using this robotics kits.  There are different types of robotic kits and other accessories modules.

They provided Task-Based Training to our Faculties at V.I.T. Pune. Our Six faculties have undergone the Mentorship program at V.I.T.  Pune.Thereafter these mentors imparted the training to our students of different departments.  The trained students and mentors attempted the Task-Based Evaluation Program. The e-Yantra Team from IIT Bombay used to give the tasks with a dead line. Our students and mentors used to write the Test code for the same tasks before deadline and same software code were uploaded to e-Yantra website. We set up the e-Yantra Lab under Mechatronics Lab in Mechanical Department. The e-Yantra lab is well equipped with computing facilities, robotics Kits, testing kit, and others modules accessories and required materials.

There are different skill improvement programs under e-Yantra initiative

  1. Lab Setup Initiative: – eLSI Lab.
  2. Robotics Competition- e-Yantra Competition.
  • e-Yantra Symposium.
  1. e-Yantra Idea Competition.
  2. e-Yantra Farm Setup Initiative:-eFSI.
  3. Create Content initiative:-eYRDC.

 We received lot of ideas from our students. We shortlisted two potential ideas in eLSI Lab. at G.H.Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology, Wagholi, Pune   Our two teams of students had applied their idea for e-Yantra Project Competition. Out of these two ideas, one project idea was shortlisted from e-Yantra Team from IIT Bombay.  The e-Yantra team informed our students to make a prototype of the same idea and upload the same video on youtube link. Our students made the prototype on the robotic project and uploaded the same for e-Yantra Project Competition 2017. The e-Yantra evaluation team at IITB Mumbai suggested some demonstrable modification and informs the students to modify the same idea and present in e-Yantra Competition 2018. Our students are going to implement the modification on a same project idea.

Our e-Yantra college team members at our eLSI Lab are:

  1. Amit Parmar.                T.E (E&TC.)
  2. Yogesh Sul.                 S.E. (Elect.)
  • Shashank Sidha. T.E(I.T.)
  1. Yusuf Pathan.                 S.E. (Elect.)
  2. Rana Pratap Singh. T.E. (E&TC)

The Faculty mentors for e-Yantra college Teams at eLSI Lab are:

  1. P. K. Dhuthekar Mechanical Department.
  2. A. M. Bongale  E&TC Department.
  • V. B. Patil,  Mechanical Department.
  1. G. V. Lakhekar Electrical Department.
  2. P. D. Khambre Computer Department.
  3. C. S. Choudhari E&TC Department.

Our faculties and students registered for “e-Yantra Symposium 2017” for participating at IIT Bombay. Prof A.M. Bongale and Prof. V.G. Patil from E&TC department and Mechanical department respectively attended the two days Symposium 2017 on 7th and 8th April 2017 at IIT Bombay.  The symposium 2017 was really enriched in technical knowledge, Mentorship building, innovating idea, solving the surrounding live problem, making prototype within low cost. The same knowledge will be definitely imparted to our students at GHRIET., Pune. We have formed ROBO Club to perform different project activity under eLSI lab at GHRET, Pune,.

Prof. A. M. Bongale is going to take part in video lecture and content development under eYRDC project from our eLSI lab. We are conducting different lecture series for students to develop the technical skill in the e-Yantra domain.

We are really thankful to our principal Dr. R. D. Kharadkar as well as management for showing faith on us and motivating us to take part in Symposium 2017 at IIT Bombay.

Soaring Teaching Skill

Combining groups of physical objects: for many students, this is their most basic experience of adding up. This process normally involves collecting two sets of objects, then counting how many objects there are in total. (For example, by building two towers of cubes, and then counting up every single block.) For many, this method can be too involved, particularly for those students who present attention deficit disorder. If the child cannot hold their attention for the whole of the activity, blocks will be put awry, towers will end up with additional blocks, blocks will get mixed up, and at the end, the wrong answer is arrived at. The length of the process means that if your child does not master the concept quickly, they are not likely to make progress at all. In addition, it is difficult to extend this process into a calculation that can be approached mentally: for example, try to imagine two large sets of objects in your head, and then count them all up. Even for adults, this is nearly impossible.

Simple drawings: jottings are a more useful alternative to the process described above. Write out the addition problem on a sheet of paper, and next to the first number, jot down the appropriate number of tallies (for instance, for the number 4, draw 4 tallies). Ask your student to predict how many tallies you will need to draw the other number in the problem. When they come to the correct answer, ask them to draw the tallies. To finish with, ask how many tallies they have drawn altogether. This method is a much easier way of bringing together 2 groups, is less likely to be subject to mechanical error, and is better suited to students with poor focus. It also encourages the child to associate between what the written some actually says, and why they are drawing a certain number of tallies.

Counting on: this is a technique based on your student’s capacity to say number names. When your child has reached a stage where they know how to count to five, start asking them questions like, “what number is 1 more than…” (eg. what comes after 2 when we count?) This is actually equivalent to answering an addition problem of the type 2+1 but helps to connect the ideas of counting and addition, which is very powerful. This technique gets your student ready to use number squares and gives them the confidence to answer problems in their mind. The method can also be made more difficult, by asking, “what number is 2 more than…” When your child can confidently respond to such problems out loud, show them the question written down, and explain that this is the same as the problem you had been doing before. This will help the child to see addition and counting as fundamentally related, and that this new problem is actually something they have met before.

Playing board games: this activity can be both a mathematical learning experience as well as a pleasant pastime. Games that require a counter to be moved around a board do a lot to encourage children to count on. If the board has numbers on it, the child is able to see that the action is similar to counting out numbers aloud or using a number line. Make a point of remembering to draw attention to the relationship between using board games and addition.

Learning number facts: usually, we rely on number facts learned by heart to help us answer addition problems. In a nutshell, we do not have to figure out the answer to 7 and 10, we simply remember it. Having the ability to recall addition facts allows us to tackle simple maths tasks confidently. Improve your student’s knowledge of known number bonds by singing nursery songs that tell stories of the number. Take part in the game of matching pairs with the student, where the point of the game is identifying the location of the question (for instance, 7+8) and the corresponding answer from a set of cards all turned face down. Create a set of flashcards with simple addition facts written on them, look at the cards one at a time, and ask the student for the answer, giving a good deal of applause when they give the right answer. When they are confident, expand the number of facts. Games will prevent your child perceiving addition as dull, and will build confidence.

Addition printables and worksheets: Practice makes perfect – and the right style of practice also lends more confidence. By utilizing simple worksheets, aimed towards your student’s ability and attention span, you are able to significantly improve your child’s ability with addition, both orally and written down. There are plenty of free internet sites that offer worksheets that help with the teaching of adding up, but it does matter what adding up worksheets you use. Ensure that the worksheets are aimed at the right level, being neither too difficult nor too easy and are of the correct length to maintain the student’s interest. You should be attempting to present questions that foster their recollection of number facts, along with a scattering of sums involving some calculation. On the occasions that the student is successful, use the opportunity to give them a lot of praise; when they make a mistake, do not appear frustrated, but briefly, explain their mistake. Using adding up worksheets in a considered way can really boost your student’s ability.

(Source: Edarticle)

EDUCATED GIRL – A Superfluous personality or Key Player?

A great proverb says “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if educate a woman you educate a family i.e. a nation”. But how many people in India genuinely follow this proverb? A mere 50% follow it, rest are still narrow-minded and think education is not meant for girls. ‘Girls are only supposed to do household chores, look after their family and take no interest in the latest affairs going on in the society and world’ is the thinking of many backward people around us. Nowadays girls are moving ahead with great success in each and every field, be it wrestling or going to outer space. Girls are standing head to head with boys in every field and becoming an inspiration and key players for the society. Some people think that educated girls are a superfluous personality for the society i.e. they serve no useful purpose.

Education is our third eye. It is very difficult to survive in today’s world without education, then why should girls be deprived of the education? Yes, she is a girl, so studying till S.S.C or H.S.C is enough for her is what people think. But they should be given higher education to live a successful life in this competitive world without being dependent on anyone. Providing education to girls will help to bring out their talent in different fields, to face challenges in their life without the support of anyone, to handle different situations arising in the family and in the society by taking right decisions.

From household chores to their position in the society, she can handle it very well and balance her life in a very systematic matter. Just a change is needed in the thinking of people in India. It is not that Indian people aren’t giving education to girls, just people are hesitating to give higher education to girls because they feel girls have studied enough and now it is the time for her marriage and put an end to her dreams.The dreams of a girl to fly high, get higher education and be independent is just enclosed in the four walls of their house.

So this thinking has to be changed by and if this is followed by each and every family then I’m sure there would be no illiteracy in India and we will be moving ahead. Our elders have faced a tough life with difficulties so they feel some fields are not meant for girls and girls won’t listen to their elders and walk towards the wrong path, so they hesitate to educate their girl child but once proper education is given to them, they can cross all the hurdles of life with self-confidence and our society can reach a different level. The only thing is that girls need a proper support and motivation from their family members and friends to move ahead without any negative thinking from their side.

The sole purpose of this article is that don’t hesitate to educate girls because of the restrictions of caste and society, as the society is created by us, we are the society itself.

So take an initiative to educate girls for their better future so that she can be a great support to us and our society.

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