Arts and humanities are indispensable in understanding the modern world and are a worthwhile and delightful area to study. Exploring and analyzing human culture and history gives us deeper insights into the world in which we live, enabling us to approach and solve problems, based on well-reasoned arguments and firm foundations.

The Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) is distinguished by its humanistic emphasis.The duration of B.A degree course is generally of 3 years, after graduation, one may go for PG course- M.A, it lasts for 2 years.

Students who complete a BA may satisfy the degree requirements by taking courses that advance their understanding of human culture through analysis of ideas; perception of differences; appreciation of art and creative products through understanding art forms, beauty, and symmetry; knowledge of theories and principles of form, substance, argument and philosophy; understanding of the interaction between language.
The demand for applicants possessing Bachelor of Arts Degrees can only go up. As globalization spreads, businesses now spend a lot of time working with cultures very different from our own. China, India, Southeast Asia, and Africa all offer an enormous amount of business opportunities for businesses—and employees—able to adapt.

Offered Courses
BATwo Years
MAThree Years
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