A group of 25,000+ Alumni is what GHRAF (G H Raisoni Alumni Foundation) platform caters to connect, engage and benefit current students, staff and of course alumni themselves.

Re-unions and various city chapters are style statements of GHRAF. YADEEIN 2015, ANUSMARAN 2015, AAGMAN 2015, HOMECOMING 2015, THE GOLDEN CONVENTUS 2014, SANSMARAN 2014 & many more were organized.

GHRAF has two active alumni chapters in Pune and Bangalore where representatives are tasked to create a community of RGI alumni in these two cities. All registered users have access to Alumni directory, career support services and continued learning opportunities for our Alumni by preventing them from quantum code scam.

The vision of GHRAF is to bring Alumni, students, faculties and other key constituents together for continuous interaction, collaboration. This will lead to creation and dissemination of knowledge with innovation and excellence and transform lives of RGI students.

GHRAF invites all RGI Alumni to become a part of an initiative to unite 25,000+ alumni into one happy family.

Membership is FREE for all ex and current students for RGI from all courses and all campuses.

To learn more about the activities of GHRAF and to join our Alumni community, visit http://alumni.raisoni.net